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That Absolute Freedom (Aka Gym, Mountains, Friends…)

For as long as there has been human beings on Earth, there has been a desire to have freedom. We all have various times, places or things that fuel this desire. We’re looking for freedom no matter if we feel … Continue reading

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Germany Travel; Thoughs & Photos

I returned to Norway yesterday after over a week in Germany (Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main). Of course, I didn’t particularly like leaving Germany, though at least the months and years have dragged on and I’m closer than ever to actually moving. I … Continue reading

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Travel Thoughts; Germany

I arrived in the German city Hamburg on Friday evening by plane from Norway. It’s so nice to be back in Germany, especially Hamburg. I find traveling exiting and rich on experiences in general, and I get to a lot … Continue reading

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Grab the Moment; Today’s Itinerary and X-rays

I have this painful left foot at the moment, caused by an unknown action while running a few weeks ago. I’ve been checked by my doctor, who assumed it to be a lighter damage that can easily be fixed. The … Continue reading

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Conference Health

It’s a fact that most conferences don’t include gym sessions in the morning and strolls during lunch break, in their official programs. So how do you keep up good exercise habits and a healthy diet while at a conference? I’ll … Continue reading

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“U” is for “Up in the Mountains”

In the previous post, I told you about a hike I’m going to do the next weeks, and what I bring with me for an extra nutritional diet. Today, on the other hand, it’s going to be about the whole … Continue reading

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“T” is for “Travel by Train”

I’ve written some posts about the environmental benefits of train travel, but haven’t really touched the thoughts and experiences that we get during travels by train. Yes, the point is to get from A to B, but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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