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Inspirational Tweets

I’m not an Instagram-person, although I’m very much a Twitter-person. I find a lot of inspiration and motivation on Twitter, and therefore I’m going to share some of the best tweets I’ve ever read with you. The following accounts are … Continue reading

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Classic, Classic, Classic, Quote!

Classical composers didn’t just write down music, they also said a clever thing or ten. In today’s post, I’ll give the Word to some of the most inspiring classical composers of all time. Enjoy! “To achieve great things, two things … Continue reading

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Benefits of Morning Workouts

After I started about a month ago with doing my workouts in the morning instead of in the afternoon, I’ve only gotten to more and more benefits about it. At first, I thought “yeah, I’ll give it a try and … Continue reading

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Fitness-Economics; What is that?

Let’s go back to a community science lecture in High School. Sure, we’re probably not in the same class or anything, but chances are we’ve both had a similar lecture about basic economy. Economy? Yes, economy. Remember learning this very … Continue reading

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Grab the Moment; Today’s Itinerary and X-rays

I have this painful left foot at the moment, caused by an unknown action while running a few weeks ago. I’ve been checked by my doctor, who assumed it to be a lighter damage that can easily be fixed. The … Continue reading

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“S” is for “Sources of Inspiration”

Without inspiration, we would not have gotten that far in life. Whether it is inspiration for a successfull career, fitness inspiration, recovery inspiration, love inspiration or any other type of inspiration, it gives us hope and determination to go on … Continue reading

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“K” is for “Kiwi” (More than the fruit)

When I figured out I’d write about the topic “kiwi”, some certian words floated into my mind; Bird, fruit and green. So this post will be about those things. As I may have mentioned before, I really enjoy writing around … Continue reading

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