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Heaven of Health; Pancakes

When people ask me “why do you prefare to eat so healthy, I mean junk tastes real epic?”, I feel kind of sorry for them, because they’ve obviously not tasted any other “healthy” food than an occational boring salad or … Continue reading

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Stereotypes at the Gym

At the gym, I’m obviously most into what I’m about to do myself. I mean, when you’re working on a PR in hip thrust, people around you are your last thought. Though between sets, you can’t really resist looking around … Continue reading

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Life Struggles of a Coffee Lover

Either you’ll relate to this or you won’t. Depends on whether you’re a coffee lover or not. Though you might be able to relate if you’re close to someone who’s a coffee lover. Even if you don’t drink it up … Continue reading

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That Absolute Freedom (Aka Gym, Mountains, Friends…)

For as long as there has been human beings on Earth, there has been a desire to have freedom. We all have various times, places or things that fuel this desire. We’re looking for freedom no matter if we feel … Continue reading

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Best Fitness Inspiration and Why

I have to admit I’ve downloaded a lot of fitness inspiration through the past year. I mean, once you set some kind of goal you’re gonna have to motivate yourself to get there. So either it’s been lifting heavier, cutting … Continue reading

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The Top Lists of March

Spring has arrived (at least in my calendar), even though the current Norwegian weather isn’t much better than it was in February. At least it’s no snow or ice; so I’m not really complaining. The gym is nevertheless indoor, much … Continue reading

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Germany Travel; Thoughs & Photos

I returned to Norway yesterday after over a week in Germany (Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main). Of course, I didn’t particularly like leaving Germany, though at least the months and years have dragged on and I’m closer than ever to actually moving. I … Continue reading

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