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The Gains Are On

Going to the gym and eating well without having a goal for what you want to achieve is not going to end very well. Making reachable and motivating goals is clue. My goal with doing strenght training; gaining muscle mass … Continue reading

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“L” is for “Life Goals”

I like the term goal better than dream. When I am asked what my dreams in life are, I’ll be quick to tell them that that’s what I call goals in life, because I like to set high goals, but … Continue reading

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It’s a New Year… And a Better Life?

Yeah, as you might’ve guessed, I’m going to write about New Year’s resolutions. The promises you give yourself before 00:00 on January 1st; and that you feel so motivated for. But hey, didn’t you ever break one? We know that felling. How it comes … Continue reading

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