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Germany Travel; Thoughs & Photos

I returned to Norway yesterday after over a week in Germany (Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main). Of course, I didn’t particularly like leaving Germany, though at least the months and years have dragged on and I’m closer than ever to actually moving. I … Continue reading

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Travel Thoughts; Germany

I arrived in the German city Hamburg on Friday evening by plane from Norway. It’s so nice to be back in Germany, especially Hamburg. I find traveling exiting and rich on experiences in general, and I get to a lot … Continue reading

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Post-21,097km; The World’s Best Feeling

To run a half marathon. This was the day. After months of training and improving my shape, I surprised myself by crossing the finish line at 1:50:13 hours. I had a goal with getting under 2 hours, and made it … Continue reading

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About Going Back

I’m at my last day of this Germany trip. It’s always as miserable going back to Norway, and that’s not just because I’ve had a week off and been on vacation. I know I’ll be back again in Germany soon, … Continue reading

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Travellife Dresden and Decin

So I’m currently at my third day of the Germany trip, and I’ve continued taking photos and collecting memories. Now that I’ve been here in Germany in over two days, my German is going so automatic that I need to … Continue reading

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Travelling to Germany!

Today has been a real traveling day, where A has been Sandnes(Norway) and B has been Dresden (Germany). I’ve photographed during the day, so here we go; Here, it’s 4:45AM and we’re leaving home. Waiting a bit at Sola Airport. … Continue reading

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Returned from Germany!

I have now spent a week discovering the beautiful city of Munich. I have taken photos, and some of them show some smart part-solutions for a more carbon neutral community. There are of course lots of things to really improve … Continue reading

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