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Heaven of Health; Pancakes

When people ask me “why do you prefare to eat so healthy, I mean junk tastes real epic?”, I feel kind of sorry for them, because they’ve obviously not tasted any other “healthy” food than an occational boring salad or … Continue reading

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Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is without doubt my favorite meal of the day. I’m always hungry when I “rise and shine”, plus I really enjoy mornings. In this post, I’ll give you some meal ideas to use for breakfast, or any other meal … Continue reading

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Recipe: Homemade, Easy, Protein Pancakes

A while ago while plotting my next move according what to have for meals, I searched around for new recipes for foods I can make a large amount of, and then freeze down for later. I came across all sorts … Continue reading

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With mealprep comes storage boxes. Many of them. The whole point with mealprep is, needless to say, that you prepare several meals at once. And hey; you don’t just put that wrap you just made straight into you bag. You’re … Continue reading

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Christmas Snacks (and Drinks) the Healthy Way

Keeping up the healthy diet during the Holiday season can be tough for many. Unhealthy treats don’t just appear “now and then” this season; they appear all the time. Today’s post will provide you some tips and advice to use … Continue reading

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Work at a Grocery Store #3

At my school, we have something called working-week. It’s basically that high school students get a job for a week, and work instead of going to regular classes at school. We don’t get paid, though the point is to gain … Continue reading

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Halloween and Everyday Pleasures

This week, these are some of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about and made plans for. First and forward, it’s obviously Halloween tomorrow (Oct 31st), and I’m looking forward to throwing a get-together with a group of friends! … Continue reading

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