Getting on with Life (and Feel-Good Tracks)

The last half year of 10th grade has passed at high speed. I don’t find that a bad thing, it’s just that now that there’s two days of school left before graduation and summer holidays, everything about starting at a new school this autumn has become so close and real. And that really motivates me! I love to give my best at the gym, but also at school. I love knowledge and science about as much as I love lifting weights.

last ned

I’m looking forward to taking the next academic step (and step of personal development, can’t forget that part!). Three years of upper secondary school really motivates me towards my future university studies, since I’ll have more interesting subjects and in general a better quality school than what I’ve had at the lower secondary. I’ve never regretted a single moment for applying (and being taken in) to a private school instead of a public one. Better teachers, less students per teacher, high grade-demands to get in, top-modern IKT system and so on. I’m really motivated to work hard and have three nice years there!

So on Monday, when I graduate from lower secondary school, I’ll be one step closer to the goal; Master of Journalism.


Since summer is the time to feel really great, here’s my top playlist at the moment. Both for the gym and when chilling (to tan, for example);

  1. The Best -Lenno
  2. Hold You Back -OMVR
  3. King -Years&Years
  4. Verge -Owl City
  5. Peanut Butter Jelly -Galantis
  6. Maps (Rhumba Whoa Remix) -Maroon 5

2015-06-17 06.47.26

(From back and biceps this week)

Enjoy your summer, and give an amazing comeback for school/work this autumn!

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