Unwritten Gym Rules

We all have habits at the gym, both good and bad habits. To stick to those good ones, we need to get our self-dicipline right. With unwritten gym rules I mean things that we repeat until they become a habit. Telling yourself to do this and not that, and sticking to that, are important parts of building that better version of yourself. In the matter of this post; your gym-self.


  • Putting the phone into flight mode. To listen to your music without being distracted from messages and the urge to check Facebook.


  • Go hard or go home. What, again, was the point in going to the gym if you could have done the same at home?

go hard or go home

  • Breaks are crucial. The set breaks between sets are there to be held, and 1:30 is what it is. 2:00 taken instead? Well, add 0:30 to the workout’s duration.

no pain no gain

  • If the equipment you’re using next is taken, do one of your other exercises while you wait, don’t just sit around without doing stuff. It’s better to switch places on a couple of exercises than to sit down for 5 minutes and start getting cold.

simple lidting

  • You’re not at the gym to look cute while you workout. The thing is, what you work for at the gym is to be showed of later, not while you’re putting in the work to achieve it. Go beast at the gym, and look cute later!

beast mode

  • No fucks were given that day… Really, don’t care what the other people at the gym (and elsewhere too, basically) think about what you do and don’t do. As long as your technique and reasons are good, you know better yourself than anyone else what is “today’s work” and what’s not.

makin gains luv

  • Mark your territory. When you’re using (I repeat, actually using) popular equipment like a squat rack, the cables, a barbell etc. don’t let people think you’re done using it before you actually are. Don’t leave it out of sight; when you’ve first managed to get that cable, you’re gonna finish with it too!

gym is bae

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