4 Weeks Left; What Happens Next

Three years at the lower secondary school (in norwegian school system, it’s grade 8-10) are over in four weeks. There has been times when I’ve thought that these years passed slowly, but when I look back now; they’ve rushed past at a steady speed. This last year in 10th grade has passed the fastest, without doubt. At June 22nd, we’re having our graduation ceremony, and then the summer holidays start. In this post, I’ll be giving my plans for the summer and autumn. The big things are decided, even when I guess you can say not everything in my life at the moment is as I’d expected a month ago (How to basic: Being a 16 year old). And I mean, that’s okey, as long I’ve got it covered what I’m generally doing next.

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Of course there’s a lot of change happening during three years where you go from 13 to 16 years old. I turned 16 a month ago, and I have to admit that I still think “wow, actually” about it. I’ve looked forward to turning 16 since I was, like, 10, but now it’s more like “okey, this is fine”. Who didn’t, as a young kid, think that when they got older, there’d be a huge overnight change on the night to their birthday? Well, that’s a childhood thought that has been proved wrong.

As I mentioned, I have the big things for the next half year covered. I’ve gotten into the upper secondary school (11th-13th grade) I want to go to, and I have a summer job. The basic things are set. The day after school ends for summer holidays, I’ll travel up to the norwegian mountains, where I’ll be working on a hut for 6 weeks. During that time, I’ll obviously do work and earn money, and I’ll also hike a lot in my spare time. Mainly ascend to new 2000m summits. I hope some of the other teens working there also like such, and that I’ll have a hiking buddy. If not, well, the mountains are there to be climbed and I’ll do it anyway. I’ve already ascended several mountains on my own. In general, I’m pretty used to doing things on my own. Not only am I a person who wants to do a lot of things on her own, but I’ve also needed to do so with my life’s circumstances so far.

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When I get home after finishing my summer job, I have a week to “get it on” before school starts. My priorities will be meeting with friends (most of us have gotten into different schools, and in general we obviously have to update each other), getting started on the autumn’s new strenght training program, and prepare myself for school. A week is just about enough time to get started with the “city life” again after 6 weeks away in the mountains. I’m happy about the job, and I’m looking forward to spend the summer on something meaningful.

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Lots of things are also happening in the following month left of 10th grade. Next weekend, my class is going on a trip to a camp, the week after we’re having a prom, we’re having the final oral exam, and me and my friends are going to a beach party right before school ends. And of course, the graduation ceremony. I’m enjoying my last month at my current school, and looking forward to my summer job and my next stop on the education ladder!

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Even when lots of things in your life are turbulent, stick to your goals and plans, and do it for you! 

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