Heaven of Health; Pancakes

When people ask me “why do you prefare to eat so healthy, I mean junk tastes real epic?”, I feel kind of sorry for them, because they’ve obviously not tasted any other “healthy” food than an occational boring salad or a plate of boiled veggies. And that’s not what healthy food is all about. Yeah, I do have a salad here and there as a side dish, but you’re not being particularly healthy (and also not happy) by eating a half-dry salad for every meal. So my answer on the question? “Because healthy food not only tastes like heaven on earth, but it also make you feel really good. I don’t feel any cravings anymore towards junk, simply because after I stopped having that crap I’ve never felt better.” So today, let’s have a look at some real, healthy, heavenly food; the protein pancakes.

  1. How do you make them?
  2. How do you vary them?
  3. What to use as sides?

How do you make them?

For 3-4 small/medium sized pancakes (aka a portion at 500-600 kcal);

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 bananas
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon preferably)
  • 2 tsp oil (for frying, I use rapeseed)

What to do:

  • Crack the eggs into a plastic bowl. Chop the bananas and put them in, too

2015-05-02 06.19.06

  • Stir a little before mixing it with a hand mixer (you can also stamp it if you don’t have an electric mixer available)

2015-05-02 06.20.13

  • Add a prefared amount of cinnamon to the mix, and hand stir

2015-05-02 06.23.31

  • Warm oil in a small pan (size of pan will decide number of pancakes)
  • After the oil is warm, I usually go down to power 6 (of 9 in total) on an induction stove (this is a testing issue, but a good rule is to use medium power)
  • Fry each pancake on both sides, adding a little oil before starting on the next pancake

2015-05-02 06.27.50

  • Serve with your choice of sides (see tips further down the post)

2015-05-02 06.45.26

Remember; it doesn’t matter if not all of the pancakes looks “perfect”. They taste perfect anyway, and you can even make this recipe fried like scrambled eggs and it will still taste the same!

The total kcal and macro nutrients of this recipe will vary according to the size of bananas and eggs. Feel free to make the recipe in a way that fits your kcal intake and macros. It can be variated in hundreds of ways. 

How can you vary them?

Okey, so there’s tons of ways to do this. When you search around the Web for egg/banana pancakes, the results will be endless. Some common variations to the dish are nevertheless;

  • Oatmeal in additon to eggs and bananas
  • Vanilla sugar/extract instead of/in addition to cinnamon
  • With protein powder
  • Cottage cheese in the dough

You can also make them fit into different types of macros, like if you’re on high carb you might make them with a banana per egg, if you’re on low carb you cut down on the bananas and put in cottage cheese instead, if the meal should contain a high kcal amount you can add in oatmeal, and so on.

2015-01-18 07.18.02

(This is from when I’ve make the pancakes with oatmeal in addition, and also made each pancake smaller but thicker, with peanut butter ontop)

What to use as sides?

What I usually do, is make them as in the recipe listed above, and then I’ll have cottage cheese and a cinnamon sparkle ontop. For one portion, typically 200g low fat cottage cheese. I also prefare coffee at the side, and usually I’ll have a cucumber or a couple of carrots as the meal’s veggies. Other things I use is to spread peanut butter on the pancakes, and if I’m on the go I have a protein shake instead of anything directly ontop of the pancakes.

I find that the best “rules” to use when choosing sides, are that;

  • Most dairy products fit (cottage cheese, yoghurt, swiss cheese, glass of milk etc.)
  • Since the dish is naturally sweet (bananas and cinnamon/vanilla), slightly salty food like nut butter fit
  • Raw veggies like cucumber, paprika and carrots fit as sides

Keep calm and eat healthy and heavenly!


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