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The Gains Are On

Going to the gym and eating well without having a goal for what you want to achieve is not going to end very well. Making reachable and motivating goals is clue. My goal with doing strenght training; gaining muscle mass … Continue reading

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Unwritten Gym Rules

We all have habits at the gym, both good and bad habits. To stick to those good ones, we need to get our self-dicipline right. With unwritten gym rules I mean things that we repeat until they become a habit. … Continue reading

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4 Weeks Left; What Happens Next

Three years at the lower secondary school (in norwegian school system, it’s grade 8-10) are over in four weeks. There has been times when I’ve thought that these years passed slowly, but when I look back now; they’ve rushed past … Continue reading

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Classic, Classic, Classic, Quote!

Classical composers didn’t just write down music, they also said a clever thing or ten. In today’s post, I’ll give the Word to some of the most inspiring classical composers of all time. Enjoy! “To achieve great things, two things … Continue reading

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Heaven of Health; Pancakes

When people ask me “why do you prefare to eat so healthy, I mean junk tastes real epic?”, I feel kind of sorry for them, because they’ve obviously not tasted any other “healthy” food than an occational boring salad or … Continue reading

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Stereotypes at the Gym

At the gym, I’m obviously most into what I’m about to do myself. I mean, when you’re working on a PR in hip thrust, people around you are your last thought. Though between sets, you can’t really resist looking around … Continue reading

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