Benefits of Morning Workouts

After I started about a month ago with doing my workouts in the morning instead of in the afternoon, I’ve only gotten to more and more benefits about it. At first, I thought “yeah, I’ll give it a try and see if it works”. Now, I’m all into it and absolutely don’t want to go back to afternoon workouts. So whether you’re really into anything happening during the early hours, or you’re considering getting up early; here are a bunch of benefits you’ll get from changing your routines to morning workouts! 

  • “Just do it” made easier to pull through. With the fact that you workout before any other essential activity of the day, you’ll find it easier to push excuses aside. At 2 PM, you’ve thought through a lot more issues than at 6 AM. Less obstacles=less excuses.

results or excuses 1

  • Improved energy throughout the rest of the day. For me who go to school right after I’ve been working out, it’s essential to have a lot of mental energy at the same time as I don’t start feeling physically restless. Working out is a very important part of that balance. You get a mental and physical boost, perfect to start the day with!

study hard 2

  • The gym ain’t crowded. At this point in the fitness-world’s development, fact is that more than 95 percent of people visit the gym after 8 AM. Meaning much more space for the less than 5 percent coming in at 6 AM. So say goodbye to waiting for a rack and crashing into people when running from one exercise to another.

after an amazing workout 3

  • Your head is much lighter. After a long day of school/work/etc, things have occured, some people have been nice, some people have been annoying, and basically a lot of thoughts have been drifting through your mind. In the morning, most of these things haven’t happened yet, and you’ll be perfectly unbothered when at the gym. And after a killer workout, you’ll also feel more uplifted and unbothered for the rest of the day.

unbothered 4

  • You know where you have your workout. The morning workout routine is one that requires consistently. Since you need to go to bed earlier in the evening to get enough sleep, you’ll also get used to being fully awake at E.G 4 AM/5 aM. Meaning that since not so much else in going on early in the morning, the gym will always seem like the best alternative. Which it also is.

2014-08-22 19.37.41

Keep calm and find the perfect routine for you! 

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One Response to Benefits of Morning Workouts

  1. Agreed! I LOVE working out in the mornings for all the reason you listed and more!

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