Life Struggles of a Coffee Lover

Either you’ll relate to this or you won’t. Depends on whether you’re a coffee lover or not. Though you might be able to relate if you’re close to someone who’s a coffee lover. Even if you don’t drink it up yourself. Nevertheless, with every love comes struggles. Let’s have a look at the serious life struggles of a coffee lover.

2015-01-18 14.26.34

“Good morning! How did you sleep? What’s up today?…” “Wait, talk to me after my first mug.”
In order to give people a better answer than “sure, ok” or “yee, good”, you have to brew the thing and drink some before your brain is ready for more than one-word answers. Normally, like at home and work, you’ll get your coffee quite fast and this isn’t any problem. But if you’re out somewhere with someone who don’t like coffee… Well, then that’s a serious struggle. “Why don’t you give me answers?” “Coffee.”

2015-03-17 06.55.36

How to know if a breakfast place is good or not.
The worst thing that can happen when visiting a restaurant or cafe for breakfast out, is of course not enough coffee. I dislike the places where you have to order coffee (instead of it being at the buffet with the food), and when you pay for the thing all you get is a little cup with no refill. I mean, 1,5 dL of coffee is legit for, like, 7PM, but you’re gonna need a lot more at 7AM. Thing 1 is enough coffee, thing 2 is great food. A huge thermo-mug at the table is okay, but it’s not like that in all places. And it should be like that.

2015-03-04 07.56.55

You need your peace when drinking it up.
Okay, I admit you can drown a mug of coffee in a hurry if there’s no other possibility. That’ll be better than no coffee at all. Though the best setting is to sit down, enjoy the taste and feel it fulfill you. Then you can rush up and hurry on to the next point on your agenda. I don’t like it when I’ve taken a seat, started my drinking of the mug, and then someone comes and is all like “You done soon? We better go.” No, we better not go before I’ve finished. Things will go this much better after a cup of black happiness.

2015-02-25 06.42.54

Pranking a coffee addict is considered serious abuse.
Removing all the coffee in the house, making the wrong sort, saying you’ll make some coffee and then you don’t… All such things ain’t funny at all, you’re just considered an annoying dork by the coffee addict. Noone cares if it’s April Fools, this isn’t a prank to pull. And if you do pull such a prank against a coffee addict; revenge is sure to happen. Be prepared for a colf bucket of water the next morning. Or a pair of white socks dipped in coffee. The opportunities are endless. So just don’t mess with the coffee, that’d be great.

2015-01-04 08.16.38

And if anyone comes to spill out the contents of your coffee mug, they either get you a new one or you can’t communicate with them anymore. Noone cares if it was on purpose or not, coffee is coffee and you get the coffee lover a new one. Now. 

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