That Absolute Freedom (Aka Gym, Mountains, Friends…)

For as long as there has been human beings on Earth, there has been a desire to have freedom. We all have various times, places or things that fuel this desire. We’re looking for freedom no matter if we feel “like a bird” in an airplane, fulfilled at a sandy beach or driving a veteran car with the stereo on full volume. And when we find out what provides us freedom, we obviously want to go back and do it again. 

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The title of this post presents the gym as “that absolute freedom”. That’s one of the places where I personally feel completely free. As I enter, I always put my phone on flight mode (I use it for music and have no intention of being disturbed by checking my texts between sets). For as long as I’ve taken my phone with me to the gym for music, I’ve also never turned off flight mode while working out there. At the gym, no other mode than beast mode and flight mode is accepted when it comes to myself.

2015-03-27 09.08.36
As for me and lots of other dedicated gym-goers, there’s a simple recipe for freedom; Gym, your body and mind, the weights, your music and that special thrill of lifting. I plug in my earphones, shuffle on Spotify, and go into full concentartion for the whole workout.
It’s all about yourself lifting those weights, breaking PRs, getting gains and experiencing a desire for what you do. Because after a while of practicing it, a lot of people (me absolutely included) experience a thrill they’ve never felt before. A perfect deadlift, a new PR in military press, a rush of energy when hip thrusting, all those kind of things contribute to a feeling of freedom and strength, I find. For the while of working out, the world outside is of no matter, your worries drown and your powers emerge. And yeah, you depart from the gym after your workout feeling like a stronger and better person. Win.

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There are of course other things I personally experience freedom from. Mountain hiking, for example. Walking the wide mountain landscapes, reaching summits and wandering valleys gives me a feeling of absolute freedom. And a very good reason to go back to the mountains every damn year.

2015-03-01 09.45.07
And then there’s the friends who can keep a conversation going for ages without awkward silences. Compare it to hiking, running or similar, where you can keep on going for a long time without feeling like more than a couple of minutes really went past. There are friends who you can talk to and be with for hours feeling like minutes, and there are people who you manage to perform an awkward conversation lasting like five minutes with, feeling like five hours passed. The feeling you get when you’re with friends who neither them nor yourself run out of things to talk about, that’s what we’re looking for when it comes to friendship. It is of no matter what the conversation started with, there are always a thousand things you can share with each other. Without even a touch of awkward silences.

2015-01-04 21.21.12

Freedom is a basic feeling and mental state, human beings have had a desire for freedom as long as they’ve been able to think. So keep calm and experience absolute freedom!

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  1. tanvi says:

    I admire your views this is a really nice post 🙂

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