Finding Your “Thing”

For a long time, I’ve been asked by lots of people why and how I’m so committed to working out and eating healthy. What keeps me going, why I don’t just give up, why I like going to the gym much better than partying… All such things.
It was only very recently all the pieces of the puzzle finally got thrown together to create the most acurate picture I’ve ever had of it all.

2015-01-07 20.37.29

I have never been very good in most sports, like football or tennis. I don’t have this desire to kick a ball into a goal. The only thing I think of when someone pass me the ball if I play any sport; get that thing away and don’t screw it up.
I have never really learned how to play an instrument, either. (Playing “In The Jungle” on guitar doesn’t count…) I obviously like to listen to music and stuff, though I’ve never really felt the “call” to play anything myself. I’ve had times when I thought I should take guitar, violin or piano classes, but I’ve always jumped off when I realized I don’t really feel like spending a lot of time on it.

Recently, it was like a final puzzle piece got smashed into my head and got this all to make sense. Because until then, I hadn’t realized that my instrument is neither a piano nor a flute, my instrument is, well, being committed to all things fitness (and gains!).
So to answer the first question presented in this post; I’m committed to fitness because that’s what I feel a “call” for doing. It falls me completely natural to do it. I go to the gym with the same type of motivation and thrill as people go to play their instrument.

2015-03-27 09.08.36

Even though it might seem quite weird to compare muscles with instruments, there are indeed a lot of similarities between the two lifestyles. Which is also why at this point, I get why other people are committed to playing an instrument well (and even kicking a ball into a goal, which I never thought I’d understand). Let’s look a some similarities;

  • Practice, practice, practice. I’ve probably said it a thousand times. You don’t achieve anyhting without putting in the needed work. To get results from what you do, practice is the clue. If you want to build strong shoulders, you need to work on your shoulders. If you want to play a musical piece, you need to work on that musical piece. Hours and hours of practice. And what keeps you going? Yep, your commitment.2015-01-19 17.57.06
  • To make it a priority. To get really good at something, you can’t skip a lot of practice. Just like you skipped that party to play the violin (you know, this song you literally feel a need to be able to play within this week). When it comes to fitness, you skipped that same party to train your legs (because gains are more important to you than partying). Myself, I’m very strict about priorities. The gym, school and people I really care about, those make it to the top of my priority list. I don’t have more than 24 hours every day, so I have to make priorities (everyone else, too). If I say I’ll go work out at 8AM, I go work out at 8 AM, just like other people meet precisely for their musical classes every damn time.

2014-12-13 07.33.55

  • The thrill when you accomplish. When you work hard for a long time with either it’s building up a muscle group or playing a tricky musical piece, when you come to the point of actually accomplishing your goal and get your result, you feel like it was all worth it. All those hours of practice, all that commitment, all the work, just everything it took to get you there. Even the rough times you appreciate, because those made you a stronger person and taught you a lot.

2015-01-07 20.36.04

I watch with amazement when people are really good at playing an instrument, just like I myself see people’s stunned faces when I tell them fitness is “my nature”. Its for a reason I call the gym my second home. I’m committed to it. I love doing it, and its a top priority. It is my thing. And for those reasons, I believe its a very certain argument that the lifestyles of fitness-people and music-people are very alike, although the actual thing you’re committed to is different.

The sum of all this? Do your thing, and follow your commitment. Haters gonna hate!

2015-01-19 19.35.10

2015-03-01 09.45.07

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