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Finding Your “Thing”

For a long time, I’ve been asked by lots of people why and how I’m so committed to working out and eating healthy. What keeps me going, why I don’t just give up, why I like going to the gym … Continue reading

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Preventing Cravings

A good while ago, I didn’t even think it was possible to live well without chocolate at least twice a week. I didn’t think chocolate cravings was something you could get rid of without really any pain at all. That’s … Continue reading

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Best Fitness Inspiration and Why

I have to admit I’ve downloaded a lot of fitness inspiration through the past year. I mean, once you set some kind of goal you’re gonna have to motivate yourself to get there. So either it’s been lifting heavier, cutting … Continue reading

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The Top Lists of March

Spring has arrived (at least in my calendar), even though the current Norwegian weather isn’t much better than it was in February. At least it’s no snow or ice; so I’m not really complaining. The gym is nevertheless indoor, much … Continue reading

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