Travel Thoughts; Germany

I arrived in the German city Hamburg on Friday evening by plane from Norway. It’s so nice to be back in Germany, especially Hamburg. I find traveling exiting and rich on experiences in general, and I get to a lot of thoughts while out traveling. So I’m collecting some travel thoughts here at the blog. As they recite every time a plane departs; “Fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff!”

The flight was kind of complicated. No, I didn’t loose my suitcase or miss a plane. The thing was, we needed to go on three different flights to get the short (in the measure of air travel) distance between Stavanger and Hamburg behind us. A couple weeks ago, the plane company informed the passengers that the original route wasn’t in service any more, so all passengers were re-directed to the current (complicated) route from Stavanger via Oslo via Copenhagen to Hamburg. Three flights on 50 and 35 minutes. I spent some time reading a couple magazines, and had some better coffee. We arrived in Hamburg about 10 PM, and slid through the city to our hotel.

Jumping over to fitness-on-the-go. When I’m on holiday, I like doing morning yoga once I wake up. I’m doing that this travel, really enjoying half and hour of physical yoga before breakfast. I wake up, slip into shorts and a singlet, drink a good load of water, and get it going. It’s an amazing start of the day!

There’s a hotel gym here, and my judgement is “OK”. There are plenty of dumbbells, a step board, mirrors and cardio equipment. Although the machines, like lat pulldown and leg curl, doesn’t really make much sense. So I’m sticking to body weight exercises and dumbbell exercises.

So far this trip, my coffee and mineral water intake has been nicely provided by lovely, aromatic and strong coffee, and lush sparkling water. I like sparkling mineral water, and I always miss it in Norway because it’s a bit rare there compared to here in Germany.

Have a great week! Greetings from Germany!

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