It’s All About The Pulse

When it comes to exercise and fitness, I’ve always been quite restrained about new kinds of equipment and gear. I really want my body to do things on its own, not supported by some kind of object. Like, I used a year to find out that compression pants are great for restitution. Monday evening after my lower body session, I really like using compression for the rest of the evening, to reduce the level of stiffness the day after (in additon to traditional stretching).

As I have become more and more serious about my training, I’ve realized that some equipment is very useful in actual training-ways; not just being another “new and interesting gadget you need to get ASAP”.
I use a little plastic bag designed for phones (LokSak) around my iPhone when I listen to music during sessions, because with a certain amount of sweat, my sports bra or tigths ain’t the place to be for a phone without plastic around. That would both be gross, and it would by time damage the phone.


When I go for outdoor runs, I use a GPS tracking app called “RunKeeper” on my phone. It’s nice to know how far I ran, how fast and where my route went. I don’t look at the phone whilst running (no interruptions!), so it’s kind of a little surprise when I finish and check the app. I can also compare that workout to the other ones I’ve had, and see whether I’ve done better than last time.


The latest add to my fitness life is a pulse watch. My PT has talked about that I should get one for like half a year, and until now I’ve been like “nah, I kind of like doing it as simple as possible”. I’ve realized how much I can get out of the little thing, and since I’ll be doing 4X4 intervals in the next training program, I went out and bought one yesterday. To get the most out of intervals, I have to know when I reach 85-90% of my max pulse, which is the best intensity for this kind of intervals.

2015-01-31 20.06.36

Yesterday I read the user’s manual, and turned on the basic settings on the watch. Today, I tested it out during an hour of spinning. The watch fit perfectly and wasn’t heavy, the belt and transmitter also sat at one place on my chest, and didn’t move. As soon as possible, probably on Wednesday during my weekly PT session, I will do a max pulse measurement to make sure I know everything useful about my pulse. An Internet calculator gave me the answer 205 BPM, so I’ll see how accurate that is.

I’m looking forward to improve my level of fitness even more by having an actual clue about pulse. Today I had my first killer cardio session accompanied by a new Polar FT7; there’s gonna be lots of killer sessions!

Have an amazing Sunday everyone! May today and next week be very fit!

2015-01-13 19.24.14

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