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Germany Travel; Thoughs & Photos

I returned to Norway yesterday after over a week in Germany (Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main). Of course, I didn’t particularly like leaving Germany, though at least the months and years have dragged on and I’m closer than ever to actually moving. I … Continue reading

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Travel Thoughts; Germany

I arrived in the German city Hamburg on Friday evening by plane from Norway. It’s so nice to be back in Germany, especially Hamburg. I find traveling exiting and rich on experiences in general, and I get to a lot … Continue reading

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Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is without doubt my favorite meal of the day. I’m always hungry when I “rise and shine”, plus I really enjoy mornings. In this post, I’ll give you some meal ideas to use for breakfast, or any other meal … Continue reading

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It’s All About The Pulse

When it comes to exercise and fitness, I’ve always been quite restrained about new kinds of equipment and gear. I really want my body to do things on its own, not supported by some kind of object. Like, I used … Continue reading

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