Deadlift Workouts

Deadlift is the most basic, yet most satisfying strength exercise. You use your whole body to pick up that barbell, and the fact that so many muscles work together leads to you being able to lift heavy as shit. At deadlifts, the best it to use heavy weights and low repetitions. In this post, I’ll give you my best tips on how to train deadlifts, with various reps and sets. I do deadlifts in my full body strength workouts, and I recommend combining deadlifts with other heavy exercises. Also make sure you warm up properly before heavy lifting. I combine light deadlifts and bodyweigth leg exercises as warm up. I also do a deload set after the heavy lifting, to reduce the shock on the body (e.g if I’ve lifted 60kg, I do a deload at 40kg). In all the suggested workouts, you have to adapt the weigths you use to your own level.

(If you are new to this exercise, you must ensure you get the right technique and supervision before you start lifting heavy.)



The pyramid. Five sets, 3 reps each set. 1:30 min breaks between sets, 2:00 min break between 2nd and 3rd set (before the heaviest lift). You increase weigth from 1st to 2nd set and 2nd to 3rd set, and decrease weight from 3rd to 4th set and 4th to 5th set. I increase/decrease with 2,5kg each set.


  • 60kg
  • 62,5kg
  • 65kg
  • 62,5kg
  • 60kg

I prefare using this type of workout to break my personal records with the 3rd set (heaviest).



The endurance challenge. 5 sets with 5 reps each. 1:30 min breaks between sets. Use the same weight each set. This is also called the “5 by 5”. Great for gaining strength.



The strength challenge. 3-5 sets with 3 reps each. 1:30 min breaks between sets. Use the same weight for all sets. I use this one when I break personal records to build both volume and strength.


Go beast mode and lift heavy stuff!

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