Philosophy of Legday

Legday; love it or hate it, but NEVER skip it. I could stop here and say that the philosophy of legday is that easy. Because it kind of is. Though I do have deeper thoughts about legday than that. So read on for important facts about legday (and less important fun facts). Reading a motivational post is one thing. The next? Go to the gym, grab a barbell and feel the burn.

The most basic fact first: One does not simply skip legday. Training upper body, cardio, core and whatnot is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but a muscular body without any good legs is like an upper body on two sticks. Seriously. You wouldn’t cook dinner without any spice on your fried fish, and the same way, you don’t skip legday. If there was 10 golden rules of fitness, “Do not skip legday” would definetely make the list!

dont-skip-leg-day dont_skip_leg_day-116998

Next, and more specifically, how do you do legday? No, I’m not going to look at what exercises you do while killing your lower body, but rather how you do them. The scientific part of legday is the actual size and potential strength of leg muscles. Glutes, thighs, calves and hamstrings are big muscles that can take a lot of pressure. They also work together in many of the heavy leg exercises, meaning you can lift significant amount of weights using your legs. For example, you are able to squat or hip thrust way more than you can lift in lateral raises or tricep kickbacks. Humans are built to walk around on two legs, and thus the legs are the strongest part of the body from human nature.
Doing bodyweight squats/lunges/hip thrusts may be an option if you’re an absolute beginner at fitness, though as you proceed your fitness life, weights (a lot of them) are needed. I remember when my PT first told me that “You know; you can hip thrust about the same weight as you can deadlift.” I did so; and it worked.
The point; don’t underestimate your legs. They’re stronger than you think.

2015-01-11 07.41.15

(Ultimate legday-goal? Not sure, but this is funny. Admit it!)

For a bit of funny stuff; things that annoy us during legday. Put yourself in that setting; you’re halfway through legday, have just squatted your butt off, and you’re moving on to the next exercises while your favorite motivational song is blaring into your ears. You’re pumped as hell, but then there’s the people who…:

  • Sweat like a pig on the leg curl machine, and never bring themselves a towel to dry off.
  • Superset (when the gym is full as shit) using a squat rack, the leg extension machine AND the leg press machine. At once, for 4 sets.
  • Have no idea what they’re doing (admit it, you feel annoyed AND sorry for them not getting a PT). Especially if this happens at the squat rack.
  • Think they’re buff when they struggle to squat with just the barbell. And I’m talking about those who you’ve seen at the gym for months, not those who first set their foot into the gym a week ago.


As I pushed through today’s legday (and got pumped as shit), I shuffle played through my favorite workout playlist on Spotify. Here are the top 5 “most played song of Ingrid’s legday 12.01”:

  1. Knife Party- “Begin Again” (God of hip thrusts must’ve sent me this)
  2. Freddy Kalas- “Pinne for landet” (Norwegian party song; mostly catchy electronica with lyrics about drinking in the mountains. Perfect for leg curls)
  3. Pitbull- “Time of our Lives” (Romanian deadlifts; havin’ a good time? Not sure, but anyway)
  4. Jennifer Lopez- “Booty” (You need at least one booty-song while training your own)
  5. Vigiland- “UFO” (House music all the way)

2014-12-29 12.26.21

Train legs. And train them hardcore! No pain, no gain, is never more accurate than on legday!

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  1. Sportcentral says:

    Leg day is my favourite… !

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