The Cost of Ambition

Today’s post is inspired by a quotation-picture I’ve had on my phone for quite a while, though when it once again appeared in my Twitter feed yesterday, I thought “this is a great start on a post”. You can connect this quote to almost every kind of ambition you might have, though in this post I’ll focus mainly on fitness. So here we go, “The Cost of Ambition”:

2014-12-13 07.33.55

Okay, so you do have to get enough sleep to get anywhere in the first place. The first point is about waking up and chasing your goals, not just sleep around and dream about them. I like getting up early every day, and I like mornings in general. To get enough sleep, I mostly go to bed comparatively early. I rather wake up early than go to bed late. The point is to make sure you don’t sleep away your days, but keep to the amount of sleep your body physically needs (not giving in to snoozing).

2014-09-17 22.27.39

Using a lot of time on your own ambitious lifestyle obviously means that the hours must be taken from somewhere. Of course, “sitting around doing nothing” is probably the largest contributor. Though as I’ve noticed with myself, I only have time enough to spend with a few close friends; I simply don’t have time for hanging around with everybody. I love hanging out with friends, and I spend that precious time with friends I really care about.

Having a lot of associates is fun, though. Like short conversations with random people at the gym (“You also like intense workouts?” “Yeah,” “What gets you through them?” “Just thinking about mad gains,”). You don’t necessarily have to spend hours together with people to interact with them. After school and my workout at the gym, I mostly feel like I’ve been enough social for the day, and I don’t mind at all a peaceful evening with studying or workout-planning by myself.

2014-08-29 05.41.53

Not all people understand why others put a lot of work and effort into their choices of lifestyle and goals. When it comes to fitness, people who don’t really workout themselves tend to be the ones critizising the most. Why? Because they don’t know what you get out of it! To make it simple; to understand what gains do to people, you need to get your body over to a gym and make some gains yourself.
People tend to critizise more out of jealousy than actual disguist. Don’t let people fool with you. If they’re only out to bug you, “keep calm and shut your ears”. First try to explain why you live like you do. If they still don’t get it, leave it there.

As I mentioned, jealousy is quite tricky. You know, how people say “wish you luck”, “I hope you succeed” or “do your best”, and when you get better in doing certain things than them, they start critizing and complaining about you? Humans have it in their nature to be jealous. I think the best way to get around with it is to make it a strength instead of a weakness. For example, if you’re getting really jealous about the perfect squat technique that dedicated person at the gym has, while you struggle with it yourself; work on your own technique instead of trying to find a mistake in that other person’s lifting.

Keep calm, focus, and keep training. Hard work; it pays off!

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2014-12-03 18.59.16

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