Recipe: Homemade, Easy, Protein Pancakes

A while ago while plotting my next move according what to have for meals, I searched around for new recipes for foods I can make a large amount of, and then freeze down for later. I came across all sorts of protein pancakes, everyone had their own twist on them, and decided that I’d just try out some shit. And it worked way better than I had expected. I’ve made them ever since, mostly making 3-4 times the recipe at once, and have protein pancakes i my freezer for some weeks at a time.

The point with this exact recipe is that it doesn’t require any protein powder, “weird” ingredients or pro-chef cooking. It has 3 simple ingredients that are easy to get hold of and are not that expensive, and the cooking isn’t harder than something you can accomplish with only a little experience with a hand-mixer and frying pan.

For 8 Breakfast-Pancake Sized ones:


  • 4 middle sized/large eggs
  • 4dL (135 oz) oatflakes
  • 2 large bananas

How to:

  1. Crack the eggs, chop the bananas into slices ,and put the oatflakes into a large bowl.
  2. Stir the mixture for a little bit with a large spoon, then mix with a hand mixer. (I prefare mixing it until there are a few “bites” of banana left, for more taste. When using a kitchen machine, it will easily get even more mixed if you’d like.)
  3. Warm a frying pan with a little bit vegetable oil. Fry the pancakes at middle heat, and fry on both sides until golden brown. (Add dough to each pancake until it reaches your wanted size. I make mine about the size of a breakfast pancake.)
  4. Cool the pancakes for a little while before putting them into boxes and freezing them down.
  5. Woila! Healthy, tasty pancakes for weeks!

Serving suggestions:

  • Top with a load of low-fat cottage cheese, and have a fruit/vegetable at the side. Cinnamon tastes good on top! (I use for supper.)
  • Spread peanut butter and cucumber to the pancakes, and serve with a fruit/vegetable at the side. (I use for breakfast.)

I hope you enjoyed the post, and that your cooking will provide you a good result! Remember; these pancakes can be adjusted just as you’d like! So keep calm and let your creativity do its thing!

2014-08-25 13.09.16

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