With mealprep comes storage boxes. Many of them. The whole point with mealprep is, needless to say, that you prepare several meals at once. And hey; you don’t just put that wrap you just made straight into you bag. You’re gonna have to wrap it up somehow. So that’s what this post is here to do; give you ideas on what to wrap up, wrap-hacks, and must-haves on the box front. 

After a while of mealprepping, you get very used to it, and it just becomes part of your routine. Personally, I really like mealprep, because it’s nice to keep track on what you have for meals plus there’s less stress with cooking in the early mornings before a busy day. On weekdays, I usually make breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks ready after supper in the evening. I put breakfast and lunch in my fridge overnight, and stuff my fruit and protein bar into my gym duffel. Here in Norway, both kids and adults bring lunchboxes to school and work. Some are lucky to be served food, and many just go grab take-away at lunchtime. Nevertheless, almost 100% of Norwegians have used a lunchbox or packed lunch countless times. I’ve had lunchboxes in my school backpack ever since I started school. Many Norwegians find packed lunches boring, though that’s just a matter of what you actually eat for lunch. Sure, having a sandwich with cheese every day throughout your time at school is boring, but using a wide variety of meals it never gets boring! (Don’t stop exploring lunches, by other words)

My first idea is about choosing what to have for lunch. There’s a million different meals you can make and take with you, and I’ll mention some of them. At this point, the only thing keeping you between boring and exiting lunches is your creativity. To begin some lunch-brainstorming, here’s several cool meals to wrap up and take with; wraps, dinner leftovers, wok, toast, chickpeas and vegetables, fruit salad, mixed vegetable salad, dark rye bread, crispbreads, vary of sandwiches with salad, food muffins, yoghurt with muesli… There’s just so many options, and your brain is the boss. In a creative moment, grap paper and pencil and scribble down whatever strikes though you mind!

Next up is wrap-hacks, as I like to call it. Up through the years I’ve had a lot of experience with wrapped lunches, both good and bad.
We all know the classic “banana smashed in bag”. Instead of stuffing only the banana in your bag, you got to wrap it up. I use a banana-box, which is basically a yellow plastic box shaped like a large banana. If you can’t find such a box, I recommend wrapping the banana (and other fruits) into alu foil. Not as hard a shell as the box, but much better than smashed banana in bag!

banana box

Here’s the kind of box I use for bananas. The text in English: “Quick energy at school, at training, on hike…”

When it comes to dinner leftovers or other kinds of meals including “wet” foods, there might come some liquid out of even the best of lunchboxes. When I have such for lunch, or when bringing my dinner by box, I make sure I use one of the most secure boxes I have, plus dressing it in a small plastic bag. Sometimes, e.g when I have wok with sauce, the bag has done its good by lunchtime. Other times, e.g when having relatively dry food like tofu and rice, I can re-use the bag the next day. Another tip is to make sure your box is sitting upright the whole time, and avoid it from being thrown back and forth in your bag.

Must-haves on the box front obviously depends on what type of food you eat, and thus what you wrap up. Though some things are useful for most of us;

  • Dinner-sized box
  • dinner box
  • Sauce box/mini box

sauce box

  • Fruit box


  • Small fork, knife and spoon


  • Vegetable portion box

vegetable box

  • Bag clips


  • Thermal mug

thermal mug

At last but not least;

“Keep calm and mealprep on!”

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