Christmas Snacks (and Drinks) the Healthy Way

Keeping up the healthy diet during the Holiday season can be tough for many. Unhealthy treats don’t just appear “now and then” this season; they appear all the time. Today’s post will provide you some tips and advice to use when you want a healthy snack alternative, your chocolate crawings are eating you up or when you choose healthy meals with a “Christmas-y touch”. Enjoy the post, and later the good feeling of choosing healthy!

10 to eat instead of choco

  • Herbal-, spice- and green tea.
    • I drink a lot of tea, and prefare these three sorts. Drink for breakfast, afternoon, supper or whatever suits you best! I often have a cup of tea when I get crawings, and it helps by giving a fresh feeling and you feel calm and pure after drinking it. My top-3 for Christmas, by flavor, are “Vanilla Chai” from Pukka, “Green Tea Intense Mint” from Lipton, and “Golden Chamomile” from Pukka.

lipton intense mint green tea golden chamomile pukka vanilla chai pukka

  • Oatmeal with low-fat cottage cheese and cinnamon.
    • My favorite breakfast! Simple to make, tastes like heaven, loaded with protein, as well as very nutrious. You pour boiling water over oatflakes and wait until the water has sunk into. Then, stir in cinnamon, and pour low-fat cottage cheese at the top. I also sparkle some cinnamon over the top. Serve with a portion fresh vegetable of choice.


  • Apple or clementine with cinnamon.
    • (I think you notice I LOVE cinnamon…) Chopped fruit with a dash of Christmas-spice is never wrong. If cinnamon isn’t your thing, try other spices you associate with Christmas (or just like eating, for that sake).

apple and cinnamon

  • Almonds, with shell and peeled.
    • You like marzipan? Well, marzipan is made out of mainly sugar and almonds, and it’s the almonds that give the characteristic taste to it. I really like mixing almonds with shell and peeled almonds (unsalted of course). Nuts are very nurtitious, with a lot of mineral, protein and healthy fat, although they contain a lot of energy. As long as you keep it a little handful; you’re good to go! Almonds are known for a lot of health benefits, as well as they prevent cravings.


  • Black coffee variations.
    • Enough said. If you’re into coffee, you know the deal. For a Christmas-Special, check out some new sorts with other coffee beans or spices than what you use at the moment, for some variation and “Christmas-satisfaction”.

cucumber and coffe mine

(Photo from a day when I logged my training while eating cucumber and drinking coffee, he-he.)

And at last but not least, a FitFam related picture (haha, my everyday life!):

2014-05-27 23.23.19

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