Fitness-Economics; What is that?

Let’s go back to a community science lecture in High School. Sure, we’re probably not in the same class or anything, but chances are we’ve both had a similar lecture about basic economy. Economy? Yes, economy. Remember learning this very basic sentence about what economy basically is? “Economy is about income, expenses and priorities.”

Fitness, I find, is pretty much the same. Comparing fitness to economy will change the meaning of the three factors of content, but the sentence about “the basic” will remain the same.
The income in fitness consists of what we provide our bodies with. Food, drink, clothing, cosmetics and so on. This is the non-workout part of fitness, the intake-part.
The expenses consists of the actual physical activity, thus the part where we use the “income” to accomplish workouts and daily physical activities.
The priorities have quite an obvious content; you have to make the right priorities and choices to get anywhere in fitness.

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That was the theoretical part of this post. Now, how do you take this in practice, like how does it work?
The income VS expenses part is the physiological one. Basically; what you put into your mouth and put onto your body, and how this affect your fitness results. Here are some important things to point out:

  • A healthy diet will improve your results, an unhealthy one will slow you down. (Thank you, Captain Obvious)
  • Adjusting your diet to meet your personal physiological needs will keep your body staying strong and healthy, whatever your goal is. (There’s no single diet that works for absolutely everyone)
  • Some types of cosmetic products and treatments are damaging to skin and body, so to keep your body fresh and healthy you need to take care of this. (Like, don’t get sunburnt and such)
  • What you wear during workouts affect your results as well, so the clue is finding out what workout clothing suits your body, workouts and fashion taste.

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The priority part might be both more important and more challenging. Sure, everyone can make an OK diet- and exercise plan, but you need to have your mind with you on the way to results. Priorities create time for what you want most, excuses for what you find hard, time for your most important people, and similar other things.
When we talk fitness, something that many people do is make up excuses for skipping workouts, eating junk all the time or not give it all during workouts. “I don’t have time” might be THE most common excuse. And guess what? It’s the most unnecessary one as well. If you are willing to put your focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, you make the time to exercise; you don’t pick up time on the street. If there’s something you really want to achieve, you have to give your all in to make it happen. You don’t get anything by sitting around wishing. You gotta make it happen.

2014-12-03 17.52.16
Take me as an example; I mostly do things every awake hour. Why? Because I priore enough meaningful things to fill my days with, and I don’t like sitting around doing nothing. I’ve always been like that, doing “nothing” simply isn’t my thing. I’m not going to live forever (at least not in the current form of life), so I’m thinking “why not do as much meaningful things as I can during my days?” My main priorities in life are school (getting good grades and gaining knowledge), fitness (like you didn’t already know), learning German (approxmately 3 1/2 years until I move over there), being with friends/family, and doing religious things like visiting Church. I do use a lot of time on studying and going to the gym, and that’s because the two things give me so much back! I simply can’t do without them.

And with that, I wish everyone an amazing weekend! Keep up good routines, choices and priorities; your goal as the prize. Keep calm and FitFam on!

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