Grab the Moment; Today’s Itinerary and X-rays

I have this painful left foot at the moment, caused by an unknown action while running a few weeks ago. I’ve been checked by my doctor, who assumed it to be a lighter damage that can easily be fixed. The ironic thing is that the only thing that hurt is running; I can do every type of heavy leg exercises and spinning, but nothing including running or jumping. Therefore, he sent me to do x-rays of the foot today, and I had quite a good time while getting there and back, enjoying a nice morning on this cool but sunny November day. The point I want to get to is that everyday things can be made special by using creativity and positivity.

I got up at 06:30, half an hour before I use to wake up for school. After dressing up, breakfast and a cup of tea, I was outside my house at 07:35. It is a nice 30 minute walk to the town centre, avoiding everything named traffic jam by simply using the legs as my transport. It was still quite dark outside, though the sun was working on its first show-up for today. Halfway on the walk, I slipped into the gym I go to and dropped my gym duffel there. It’s a good thing I could just put it into a locker and didn’t have to carry it with me at all times during the day. I did have my school backpack as well, since I was just going to be away for the two first lessons before I arrived school.
I walked the second part of the walk to town, not really looking at the watch because I knew I had enough time to reach the 08:21 train to the city. Though I was even more lucky; I arrived at 08:05, a minute before another train departed. As if on cue, I was at the station platform just as the 08:06 train pulled in. Win.

This earlier train meant a little more time to drink coffee before my x-ray appointment, which was scheduled at 09:05, and not that far from the station. After my arrival in the city, I went to a Wayne’s Coffee, brought a large cup of black coffee and sat down at a couch-seat by the windows overlooking the busy street outside. I spent my time at the coffee bar practicing for the German glossary text later in school and checking my Twitter. After a good 20 minutes and a pleasant cup of coffee, I pulled my coat back on and strode out. Now, there was only a five minute walk over to the x-ray clinic, and I easily found it despite the fact that I’d never been there before.

The check-in went fast, and I even got into the x-ray room before my scheduled time. The guy who x-rayed me was efficient and proper, and everything in there took only a few minutes. It was more simple than I expected; I just had to remove my left shoe and position my foot in different ways on top of a black surface, while a large, white thing moved about and snapped pictures. I didn’t get the results right then and there, but they will arrive analyzed to my doctor shortly, meaning I’ll have to get an appointment next week to see what kind of treatment my foot needs.

After my x-rays, I walked the distance back to the train station, arriving there 10 minutes before the next train left back to town. Though the train arrived shortly, and I could sit in there before it departed. I read in “Pretty Little Liars #15; Toxic” throughout the train ride. It was 09:30, meaning not that many people taking the train, causing a quiet and chill ride.
Back in town, I started the 25 minute walk to school. The sun was almost fully up by now, giving off a pleasant dose of vitamin D and daylight. I was lucky with my arrival at school; after a quick toilet visit, I was up in homeroom just as the bell rang for the break between 2nd and 3rd lesson. I was glad to have 10 minutes to collect my math books and update my friends on how my x-rays had gone.

All in all, my clinic appointment didn’t just go better than expected; I also enjoyed the whole travel more than I’d imagined. Good weather conditions, walking about, taking the train while reading, a good cup of coffee, efficient work at the clinic and arriving back to school on cue made today very nice. I love turning seemingly booring, everyday things into something I remember as positive and exiting.
I’m also glad that my foot isn’t worse than it is. I’ve had to swap running to spinning for cardio workouts the past weeks (and sometimes walking a bit strangely), but apart from that I can still keep my workouts and training program as normal. I find it kind of funny that; sure, heavy hip thrusts and squats no problem, but run 10 metres? Painful as hell.

Everyday travels are way more pleasant than you might think; it’s just about how you do them. Grab the moment and make it a great day!

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