Don’t Wait; Start Now!

After today, there are exactly 38 days left of the year 2014. Have you thought about what impact your actions made in those days will make for the year 2015? Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless of how far you are in the thinking at the current point of time, I’ll provide you with some multi-use advice.

2014-09-17 22.29.04

Many people choose to use date-set resolutions when planning on changing their life, whether it’s about small or complex changes. The problem is that this type of date-set change tend to rarely work exeptionally well. The motivation might fade after a couple of weeks, your planning wasn’t good enough or you waited too long before you made the change.

2014-09-17 22.27.39
I’ve had quite a few experiences regarding date-set resolutions through my years alive. I’ve suceeded in some of these, but mostly they have been failed. To take an example I’ve been struggling with for years, I can explain what has helped me out and what kept me in.
I’ve had a problem with sugar addiction for many years. It was caused by the logic and simple action of eating too much of sugary products, and not being aware how well I can do without them. I have gradually reduced the amount of sugary products I eat over the past years, using many tools to do do. Signing deals with myself, planning my way out and trying out healthier foods has been some of the most-used tools. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs on the way out of it, but what finally got me to where I am today is the simple method of biting my teeth together, stay away from sugary products and make my body respond on a reduced intake of sugar by getting it independent from sugar. Where I am today, with a meal plan that provide me my daily needs through healthy food, I don’t even have crawings like I did before. Sure, I still think that cake tastes good, but I’ve found out that it doesn’t provide me anything of interest, and that makes me think about this every time I’m offered sweets; “Why should I? I know this food isn’t going to give me satisfaction for more than the time I’m eating it, so I’ll rather eat something that both taste good and give me long-lasting satisfaction.” (Spoken out loud, it is presented as “no thanks”, which I genuinely mean.)

2014-03-18 16.19.35
I’m trying to point out that you don’t need a set date to start the change. Start today, not tomorrow or in 38 days (New Year’s eve). If you’re thinking about changing something in your life from January 1st 2015, you might as well start today. The good thing about the changes you make yourself, is that you are the one to decide when the changes happen. You need to believe in yourself making it, have a plan on how to make it, and then keep one of the shortest quotes in mind:

“Just do it.”

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