The Exercises We Love and Hate

I strongly doubt there are a lot of training programs with only exercises to love. And if those programs occur, I really doubt that they’re going to get you anywhere.
Okay, it’s a very basic fact that when it comes to correct and effective strength training, the exercises you do are going to be tough to finish. Your strength training is not getting you anywhere near gains by simply using the same dumbell, barbell or medicine ball over and over again. When adding up on the weights as your program progress, it’s also going to take quite an effort to stand the lifting of heavier weights. That’s the way to gain strength, after all.

2014-08-22 19.37.51

Nevertheless, we all have some favorite exercises and least-favorite exercises. Some of them might be quite common to love or hate, while others become kind of “your weird thing”. Yeah, both types might be heavy as hell to perform, but in a weird way, some exercises tend to give us a bigger instant satisfaction than other exercises.
An example on an exercises that many people get this big satisfaction from, is deadlifts. It’s one of the most basic exercises of strength training, and it works your whole body when it’s performed. Because of this whole-body-work, it’s one of the exercises that we can lift the biggest amount of weight by. I think that, based on my own experiences with deadlifts, this satisfaction comes from knowing that “I am able to lift a lot of weight when my whole body works together to lift it.” For example, you might be able to lift 80kg in deadlifts, but you can’t lift 80kg in triceps extensions.
We usually find a favorite among the three most basic exercises of strength training; deadlifts, squats and bench press. What’s the same with all of these three exercises, is that they all work a lot of muscles, making it possible to lift a lot of weight.

2014-08-22 19.46.23

If you ask me what exercises are my “loves and hates”, I’m telling you now. Maybe we have something in common, or maybe I’m just really weird when it comes to what exercises I love and hate?
My favorite among the three basic exercises, is deadlifts. I find it a groundbreaking satisfaction to heave more than my own bodyweight from the floor at the gym.
Also, I like other exercises like low squats, bench rowing, lateral pulldowns and wall sits.
Exercises I just have to stand through and bite my teeth together, are stuff like dips, leg curls and lateral raises.

When it all comes down, my current training program is set up to strengthen my body the way it needs to at my current shape. I mostly like the exercises, if you can say that. Yeah, the lifting is heavy, but totally worth it!

I wish you all an active week with lots of progression in your training!

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