Work at a Grocery Store #4

At my school, we have something called working-week. It’s basically that high school students get a job for a week, and work instead of going to regular classes at school. We don’t get paid, though the point is to gain work experience and help us choose what education we’re going to take later on. It’s a thing that many Norwegian schools do, and companies are used to 14-16 year olds working for them. I’ve been at one such working week previously, in 9th grade, when I worked for Intersport, a sport store. Now, in 10th grade, I’m working for a grocery- and delicacy store called Helgø Meny for this week. I’m going to do a blog-diary, where I write about my experiences, tasks and everyday stuff happening at my contemporary place of work. Enjoy!

Day 4, 06.11.14:

The temperature fell rapidly today, causing a freezing walk to work. Even though I’d put on wool socks, winter coat, scarf and gloves, it was still cold. I put my hood on, so the worst cold was at my toes. I got inside, and put on the comfortable fleece jacket I’m borrowing for the week, and was relieved when I didn’t catch sight of the lady whom I had started the other days in the yoghurt and cheese section with. Which meant; I could work with the room tempered foods first. I did a couple of hours with shelf-organizing, before I was set to put out some freezed products.
Mini baguettes, ice lollies and french fries are OK to handle even though they’re frozen. Pizzas and cake boxes is a bit worse. All in all, I ended up deciding never to buy the Daim almond cake that was so terrible to place into the store’s freezer.
My next given task was better. I refilled potato- and sandwich salads, and they were easy to place on top of another, and the fridges’ doors can stay open without holding them, like I had to at the freezers’ doors.
After lunch, I shelf-organized for the two hours left before I was “good to go”. I like that with grocery stores, there’s always something to do at the shelves, because the flow of products being bought by people is so lagre. Products are to be pushed forward, dates are to be checked, cardboard boxes are to be removed and applied, or products have been abandomed at the wrong shelf.

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