Work at a Grocery Store #3

At my school, we have something called working-week. It’s basically that high school students get a job for a week, and work instead of going to regular classes at school. We don’t get paid, though the point is to gain work experience and help us choose what education we’re going to take later on. It’s a thing that many Norwegian schools do, and companies are used to 14-16 year olds working for them. I’ve been at one such working week previously, in 9th grade, when I worked for Intersport, a sport store. Now, in 10th grade, I’m working for a grocery- and delicacy store called Helgø Meny for this week. I’m going to do a blog-diary, where I write about my experiences, tasks and everyday stuff happening at my contemporary place of work. Enjoy!

Day 3, 05.11.14:

As usual, I started with the yoghurt and cheese shelves, before eggs. A lot of cheese was to be out placed, and I took out 4 trolleys before lunch. I’ve found out something; even though it’s quite stupid that stores have to throw away foods at their “best before”-date, even though the food is fully eat-able and normal, they do at least place the oldest products in front at the shelves. So when you’re out grocery shopping; take the products standing in front, and help the stores prevent food waste! When it somes to “best before”-dates, those are really overkill. Foods like yoghurt/sour milk, cheese, canned food, crackers, juice, salads and so on are fully OK a while after that date! E.g, I’ve found out that natural yoghurt lasts for a week after the “best before”-date, and still tastes like usual. With other words; a “best before”-date is not the same as an expiration date.

When unpacking all those boxes of cheese, I got to know a lot of cheese-brands. I handled multiple boxes of Castello, Eldorado, Arla, Kathedral, President and so on. I like it in the cheese section, where the store I work at sell a mixture of “regular” cheeses and delicacies or special cheeses. And also; I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Brie and Parmesan at one place in real life before!

In the last hour at work, I did some organizing shelf-work at the pasta-, wok sauce-, canned food- and candy shelves. I find it funny when I find abandomed products which belong elsewhere in the store; today I found a wool t-shirt on top of some chocolate bags, a pineapple juice with the Coke and even a chocolate pudding standing alone with the pasta. I have a thing with thinking about how and why these abandomed products got away. I also like to search out the correct place to put them.

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