Work at a Grocery Store #2

At my school, we have something called working-week. It’s basically that high school students get a job for a week, and work instead of going to regular classes at school. We don’t get paid, though the point is to gain work experience and help us choose what education we’re going to take later on. It’s a thing that many Norwegian schools do, and companies are used to 14-16 year olds working for them. I’ve been at one such working week previously, in 9th grade, when I worked for Intersport, a sport store. Now, in 10th grade, I’m working for a grocery- and delicacy store called Helgø Meny for this week. I’m going to do a blog-diary, where I write about my experiences, tasks and everyday stuff happening at my contemporary place of work. Enjoy!

Day 2, 04.11.14:

I started as yesterday, with forward-pushing and organizing the yoghurt and cheese sections. I find it cool to see how products sell from day to day. When working with the same sections several times, I can see clearly what taste of yoghurt and pack of cheese which are most popular amoung the customers.
I was put to work in the milk-room. You know; behind the milk shelves where you can see people working from behind. The tasks there are okay, but the cold is kind of problem for me. I can’t stay in there for long, not even with a thick fleece jacket on. I’m a easily freezing person, so my stay in the milk-room was quite effective and short. I was relieved when I got to refill a ton of crackers afterwards. Finally handling a type of products which are room tempered!
After lunch, I worked with different stuff around the store. Packing out of boxes, pushing forward, putting up products and bringing abandomed products back to their places. Two fast hours passed, and I really enjoyed being free to work with whatever shelf I liked, because there was always something to do with them. I did the baking-, the gluten-free-, the pasta- and the dessert shelves today.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow as well, and what tasks it will bring! My boss reassured me that I could do my shelf-organizing at a point of the day, which I’m absolutely cool about!

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