Work at a Grocery Store

At my school, we have something called working-week. It’s basically that high school students get a job for a week, and work instead of going to regular classes at school. We don’t get paid, though the point is to gain work experience and help us choose what education we’re going to take later on. It’s a thing that many Norwegian schools do, and companies are used to 14-16 year olds working for them. I’ve been at one such working week previously, in 9th grade, when I worked for Intersport, a sport store. Now, in 10th grade, I’m working for a grocery- and delicacy store called Helgø Meny for this week. I’m going to do a blog-diary, where I write about my experiences, tasks and everyday stuff happening at my contemporary place of work. Enjoy!

Day 1, 03.11.14:

At 8AM,I stood outside the back entrance to the store, where a truck was loading of a bunch of boxes and the way into the stock-room was open, and called my boss to ask if I was at the right place and if I was allowed to go inside. She answered right away, and showed me the pause-room where I could leave my coat and backpack.
I was presented for one of the employees, who was the one who’d give me tasks this week. I got a pair of working gloves and got to work with refilling and pushing forward products in the yoghurt shelves. After that, I handled the cheese section, threw away some paper trash and placed out some fish before lunch. The first three and a half hours before lunch went by nicely, and I liked my tasks a lot! I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback on being effective, organized and solve my tasks with a smile, which is very encouraging and motivating to hear!
At lunch in the pause-room, I ate my packed lunch and chatted with people there. And the best? Free coffee! A coffee machine murred at the kitchen bench, and a cupboard full of cups was present. I asked, of course, if I could just have some coffee, and was met by a smile and “How cool that youth drink coffee! How old are you, anyway?” I answered that I was 15, and another guy said “You’re not smoking too, are you?” I laughed. “Nah, no smoking or similar. I’m good as long as I get my black coffee!”
The remaining two hours after lunch offered other cool tasks, and I got this coat to use when working in the fridge- and freezer sections. I’d been OK, but a bit cold earlier in the fridges, and now I didn’t have to freeze anymore. I went on refilling Frozen Yoghurt, canned fish, scrimps, carrot cake and mayonaise. At 2PM, my boss came and said “It’s 2PM now, you can leave it there! Amazing work today!” I was almost shocked by how fast it all had went by! I’d had cool things to do, and two hours had felt like half an hour. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

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