Post-21,097km; The World’s Best Feeling

To run a half marathon. This was the day. After months of training and improving my shape, I surprised myself by crossing the finish line at 1:50:13 hours. I had a goal with getting under 2 hours, and made it very nicely. I also somehow managed to use all the energy and power that I even had, which is something I’ve never managed to do at a race before. I have this habit of holding back “that little extra”, though today I thought; “This is my final shot. Better run all I am capable of.” And so I did.

2014-11-01 14.15.47

My result from the race has arrived on a text. How can I not screenshot that?

You might wonder how running this race can mean so undescribable much to me. I’ll try to explain parts of it. First and forward, I’ve put in a huge amount of training hours for this. While I ran today, I was thinking to myself “You didn’t do all those hours of running, repetitions of squats, all that strenght training and everything else for nothing”. While improving my shape and lifestyle, I also like to have a concrete goal to reach for, which was, this time, the half marathon.
Second, I guess you can say that I “saw the light” when Germany won the FIFA World Cup 2014. I started my serious training the day after the finale-match, actually. When “Die Mannschaft” said to the press that all of Germany were now world champions, I was thinking “Right now, I haven’t done anything to deserve to be called a world champion. But I sure as hell am going to!” I’ve always been proud to be German, and that gave me a giant amount of motivation to give my all for this goal. Today I reached my goal, which I’ve put so much work and effort in, and I am therfore ordering the Germany WM-trikot, finally doing everything I could to earn it. I’m not the best half marathon-runner in the world, but I am a much better version of myself now than what I were before!
Third, there is nothing like the feeling you get when crossing a finish line you’ve worked so hard for. It’s one of those feeling worth fighting for. When I’d gotten myself together after finishing the race, I had to conclude that I had never in my life been so happy and proud. I yelled out “YEEESSS!” and put my hands up in the air as I crossed the finish line, before collapsing to the ground for a minute (the sign that I had finally managed to use all my energy and power, holding nothing back. Doing the literal best I could have done). I got up, and a guy from the arraignment offered me a bottle of ice-cold water, which I gladly accepted. It felt like he was offering me a bar of gold. On my walk back to the car, I was literally grinning so broadly it looked more like a grimace than a grin, and letting out a flow of happiness-tears. I’m not a person who hides my emotions after accomplishing something that’s so huge and important to me.

2014-11-01 14.15.16

After getting into a warm house, I had to have a selfie. Complete with wet clothes, starting number, soaked hair and the medal I got!

Obviously, I didn’t accomplish this all by myself. I’ve had amazing people supporting and helping me, as well as I owe a huge thank you to several companies. (This post isn’t sponsored by any person or company. The thank you I want to give to these people and companies are completely of what I’ve experienced with them myself.)

The desicion for getting a Personal Trainer (PT) is one of the best I’ve ever made. I started out with two free sessions that came with my new gym membership, and then I got so much out of them that I couldn’t just not continue. Without my PT Kyle Farningham, I would never have gotten under 2 hours at this race. A much better training program, a huge amount of new exercises and everything else has just been totally worth it.
I also have a Dad who has done a lot to help me manage everything; Harald Røgenes. Picking me up at the gym when the bus don’t fit, bringing home countless boxes of cottage cheese and chickpeas from the grocery shop, discussing running and proteins with me, and a lot more. At the race, it helped a lot to have someone who could drive to there, a car to leave my duffels in, someone to watch over my phone and cheer at 18km and 20km. Next year, we’re both running this half marathon; we’ve already signed up!
Moving on to the companies. First, without a gym I would have come nowhere. Sats Elixia is also the best version of a gym I have ever been to. Without my membership there, I would still have been doing bodyweight squats at home and never gotten a PT. Second, my everyday living has improved a lot after I discovered Quest Nutrition, and got a great boost in both protein intake and everyday pleasures. I order boxes of Questbars, and have one after working out or as a snack in the afternoon. Never before have I tasted and “felt the gains” from such great protein bars! Third, I must of course use quite a lot of spendings on quality workout wear. Craft, 2XU Compression, Devold, Mizuno, Adidas, Nike and Cubus are some of the brands that have improved my fitness through great “sweat-clothing”-solutions. And last but not least, I want to thank GTI Friidrett (chuckfield) for setting up such an amazing race. The half marathon had everything I needed for a great result. From good information pre-run, no mess at the start, drinking stations, to all the people giving directions during passages of the race.
Without your either personal or impersonal support, I wouldn’t have made this through like I finally did. I owe a million thanks to all of you!

2014-11-02 13.14.06

Me (front-left with one foot flying) at about 18km.

When I run, I think about everything and nothing; basically just the stuff that pops into my head at various times. To make this post extra fun to read, here are some of the thoughts I had during the race and where I got them:

  • 5km “What the hell, I feel like I’m flying, like what is my body actually managing to do right now”
  • 15km “Come on, I’m lifting more than my own bodyweight in deadlifts now, I sure as hell can do this too”
  • 17km “Holy crap, am I going to die or not before I finish around that last lake”
  • 19km “Just run. 2km left is nothing compared to all those training hours when preparing for this”
  • 20,5km “whaaaat I’m actually going to finish this with a good result, like what have I even done”
  • Post-run “Wir sind alle Weltmeister!//We are all World Champions!”

2014-11-02 13.14.27

Me (to the left) up the last hill at the race.

2014-11-02 13.14.20

Running a half marathon or any other race isn’t easy. It’s worth it. Nothing worth fighting for is going to be easy! So I’ll just keep on running…


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