Halloween and Everyday Pleasures

This week, these are some of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about and made plans for. First and forward, it’s obviously Halloween tomorrow (Oct 31st), and I’m looking forward to throwing a get-together with a group of friends! Yesterday I was out shopping for a pumpkin, decorations, other foods and drinks. I’m making homemade pumpkin soup, and will at least try to hollow out that pumpkin so that I can cut a face into it and put it on the porch. Elseways, I’ll just cut of its skin and put some random porch candle outside. Me and my friends are also doing something that’s both green and really fun; a swapping circle. Which means, that we all bring stuff and clothes we don’t use, and swap or give to other friends. And oh; I always use Halloween as the day where too much orange things is actually okay.

The amazing pumpkin, plus a pack of napkins especially for Halloween.

2014-10-30 19.14.48

Also, I’ve been thinking about what I feel like has become my everyday pleasures. As this autumn has moved on and I’ve gotten better and better routines for the weekdays, I also tend to use some stuff that really make my days a lot better. And no, I’m not talking about guilty pleasures. I’m talking about pleasures that do me well. So what are they?

In the suburban where I live and go to school, there’s no real coffee bar, nor does my school have a coffee machine for the students. Though I really enjoy a cup of coffee for the lunch break, which make me a lot more concentrated and energized during the last two periods of the schoolday. The solution has become to get a refill-cup at the local gas station. The deal is that the gas station is the only place around to get coffee, and since their coffee’s really good as well, I decided to go for it. It’s this thermo-cup that you buy, and then you buy a “membership” every year for it, and get refill throughout the year. I don’t buy a lot of stuff at gas stations, but if one has to have one’s coffee, then every decent solution is a good one. This also means I get a built-in ten minute walk every lunch break, which is yet another plus for this pleasure.

I prefare doing my main workout right after school, and thus I bring my gym duffel to school and walk straight to gym after school ends for the day. This also gives me a ten minute walk, and helps me freshen up for my workout. After a good workout, I get myself some extra protein through eating a Questbar right after the gym. I’ve completely fallen in love with Questbars, and they taste and do me so amazing that I call it; “A guilty plasure without the guilt.” Propped with protein, low in fat and carbs, high fibre and the most awesome taste ever. (I use the ones sweetened with erythriol and stevia, to avoid the health-dangers around artificial sweeteners, which I stay away from.)

The cinnamon roll Questbar; one of my favorite flavors.

2014-10-30 19.16.55

Another thing I love to do which I do every day, is mealprep. Not only does this make it easier to follow my meal plan to keep track on getting the right nutritional values, but it also saves me stress in the mornings. In the evening, I prep my breakfast and lunch, as well as placing a banana and a Questbar in my gym duffel. The next morning, this means I can get dressed, check my phone and enjoy my breakfast without stressing over making my breakfast and lunch. It’s there in the fridge; I just place it onto my plate and into my backpack. What’s important is that I also enjoy doing mealprep. I love chopping vegetables, wrapping up portions of nuts, using dinner leftovers and pimping up wholegrain sandwiches. When my friends ask me during lunch how I have time for such, my answer is; “Mealprep the evening before. Takes me about five minutes, so no big deal. Don’t you just love exiting lunches?”

I owe a forever-thanks to my family for upgrading our home with this kitchen some years ago. Makes my mealprep even better!

2014-10-30 19.16.19

Make the most out of everyday, and find your own everyday pleasures! And last but not least; Happy Halloween!

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