How Fitness Changed my Life

In the media at the time, people are constantly writing and talking about how fitness, healthy food and an active lifestyle is good or too much (okay, that’s the short version…). Not only is this an argument between people who are interested in and dedicated to fitness VS those who believe fitness is a mental disorder. The intricate thing is that both sides can be right, though what fitness does to people is so widely individual. Some people love fitness and healthy food with all their might, and on the other side some people “fall into the trap”, meaning that fitness as good as loses its health benefits and becomes a mental problem. So my point? When you know a person who spends a lot of time at the gym, eats foods you find “unusually healthy” and reads health magazines; don’t be too quick to judge. As long as people do their fitness-lifestyle in a proper, healthy way, chances are they don’t have a problem at all, rather the opposite.

I’m not going too deep into my mental life now, but what I can reveal is that after severe mental struggles over the past years, fitness changed my life and is still changing it to the better every day that goes. Physical activity in general has always been of my interest, though the whole “game” changes when you start taking it more seriously. Sure, I was dedicated to chuckfield for 4 years in middle school, but it was still something completely different than what I do today. I’ve learned a lot through sports and sports events I’ve attended, which I use in my fitness today. This year has been a fitness-journey for me unlike any other year, much to thank social media, summer travels, a thoughtful hike, a gym membership and as  the last supplement, my weekly session with a personal trainer.

Fitness is the thing that gives me confidence, a happy mood, relieves my stress and worries and of course “getting my gains”. I’m not afraid of saying straight out that I’d be a complete wreck without fitness. It’s  this hobby that’s benefitting my whole lifestyle, and that’s the reason I dedicate so much time to it. No matter how tough working out can be, there’s nothing like the results you get from it. And the more you know and the better you do it, the more results you get. As for the fact that fitness is something you can always improve in, I think this quote sums it up: “Proud, but never satisfied.” (I mean, who doesn’t want more endorphins?)

2014-07-20 20.48.21

For example, when I do an interval running workout, I basically look (and sound) like that’s the worst thing I ever do. Partly right. The actual intervals is one of the least comfortable settings during a day. The feeling when finishing a killer interval workout is worth the price. Many times, I can’t stop a few tears of happiness and a super-broad grin when I’m done. Not only do I get that “I actually managed to do that”-feeling, I also get a kick that I can get nowhere else. This meme here sums this up:

2014-08-22 19.37.51

Moral of this post: Don’t be too quick to judge why people spend lots of time at the gym! Have a fit weekend!

2014-09-12 06.54.55

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