Meal Ideas: Chickpeas and Lentils

In my last video blog, I was talking about vegetarian protein sources. I did tell you that two of my favorites are lentils and chickpeas, and I’m obviously still holding onto that. I always make sure to have quite a few boxes stacked up in my kitchen’s cupboard, and use them a lot. They’re easy to prepare, offer a lot of opportunities for making a wide range of meals, cheap to buy, very nutritionous and SO tasty! Today, I’ll share with you some ways to use them for meals, for inspiration, ideas and nutritional information. Hope you enjoy your lentils and chickpeas!

For all the recipes; For one portion, I use a box (175g) of chickpeas/lentils (I use a brand called Go Green). Vegetables are added in an amount you’d like, as well as additional spices.

Breakfast with chickpeas and nuts:

This is one of the breakfasts that I vary my mornings with. I usually use chickpeas, though lentils are just as fine to use. Simply wash the chickpeas, chop up some raw vegetables and add a handful of all-natural, un-salted nuts. I have a bag of self-prepared nut mix that I use for such meals, which is very handy so that I can put into the mix the nuts I like best and stack up on them so I don’t have to buy nuts ALL the time. Chickpeas and lentils contain both protein and carbohydrate, which means I serve them as an all-in-one, like with any meal based on them. The nuts provide additional protein and healthy fat, balancing the meal. Vegetables are always a must-have! All parts of the meal contain great amounts of fiber.

2014-10-10 07.24.23

Quick lunch/dinner with lentils and cottage cheese:

This is probably one of the easiest, yet most clean dinners you can make. I use maximum 5 minutes making it, meaning it’s great for busy days, as well as it’s great as “take away” because it’s easy to put in a box and eat on the go. Simply wash your lentils, chop your vegetables and plop some cottage cheese at the top! This is a protein rich, low-fat and fiber rich meal (I recommend using low-fat cottage cheese. It both tastes better and has better nutritional values than the regular one).

2014-10-10 17.36.21

Fried mix of chickpeas, vegetables and mushroom:

Wash the chickpeas, chop some vegetables you like (onion, paprika, squash, carrot etc.) and chop some mushroom. Fry everything at medium-high heat in a frying pan for 5-10 minutes, and make sure you stir often. I recommend frying in a tablespoon of oil, and add the spices you’d like. I use spices like pepper, dried herbs and chopped chili. This tastes amazing, and is a great alternative when you want to make a quick and healthy warm meal!

2014-09-28 14.55.13

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