Frequently Asked Questions in General

One of the things we as humans need to do over and over again is to answer specific questions about, well, everything people want to and need to know about us. That’s like the price to pay for having individual personalities and none of us being exactly the same. Really, I don’t mind answering people’s questions, as long as they listen to what I actually reply them. The most common reason for when I act annoyed when answering questions, is when the same, boring question has been asked multiple times a single day. Then, people can usually just peek at my Facebook or Twitter walls and find the answer there, which makes it even more annoying that they didn’t even consider that at all.

Our personalities, interests and contacts bring up question that people, naturally, wonder about. There are easy questions (Do you like coffee?), questions taking an hour to answer (Why do you support that political party?), questions you have no idea on what you mean (What’s the meaning of life?)and so on. All depending on your personality, some questions are easily answered and some are impossible to answer.

Some of the FAQ I get asked a lot myself, are stuff like;

  • Why do you LIKE working out?
  • What’s the deal about Questbars?
  • What’s that in your lunch? Looks so advanced, how do you get time to make stuff like that?
  • How can we get people over from cars to public transport?
  • How do you get to sleep at a train?

According to my major interests in life (fitness, going green, healthy food, writing…), the questions are mostly asked by people who don’t really get what and why I do things, or they’re just being curious. I like answering questions, mostly because people need to know to understand me and and my interests. I’m being honest when answering, and if the answer isn’t “appropriate”, then I’m probably not appropriate enough either (which will only make me roll my eyes and exit the room). So, world, ask as much as you’d like, until you see you’re bugging me because ten people a day ask me why the hell I love the gym.

make it happen

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The gym, studies, travel, the mountains and all things green! Twitter: @CRgenes
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