How to Enjoy Working Out?

Sounds crazy? Maybe.

Whatever point you are at when it comes to fitness, it’s important to enjoy your workouts as much as possible. I mean, a workout is never going to be comperable to things like massage, sunbathing or drinking coffee, but you can still make it feel better than things like getting slapped, soaked in the rain or studying a boring subject. In other words, you have to focus on that the pain we feel during a tough workout, is a good kind of pain that will reward you largely afterwards. e.g when you go running, it might feel like the hardest thing ever while you’re out doing it, but think about it; the feeling you get when you go home afterwards. The satisfied smile and “them gains”!

Some questions to ask yourself, to find out how to keep going:

  • At what time of the day am I most motivated and energized to go workout?
  • What type of workout do I master and somehow enjoy doing?
  • Are there some exercises I literally hate and want to swap out to similar exercises with the same effect to make it more fun?
  • How can I keep myself motivated through both my whole training program and at specific workouts?

Yes, if you want gains it IS going to hurt. But in a good way, because the pain is the only way you get a fit and healthy body. It’s not only going to strenghthen you physically, but also mentally. And we do know that our physical and mental health have a very close connection for our overall health and wellness.

2014-03-21 22.24.45

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