Equipment Test: 2XU Compression Tights

(This post is not sponsored by any brand or any person. All opinions are my own.)

Recently, I came in the situation of needing a new workout tights. I was thinking back and forth whether I should go for a non-compression or one with compression. I’ve heard both positive and negative experiences with the 2XU compression tights, and have had in the back of my head for a long time that maybe I should try it out. So I did.

Is it just a fashion trend or does it actually work for all the benefits listed on its box? I started with asking other athlethes for their experiences with the 2XU-brand, and dug up some earlier tests from my Google search. Some of the positive things I got were; “It gives that extra power for the thighs and calves”, “It’s so stretchy you don’t even think you wear anything” and “You can literally feel the blood circulation improving.” Negative experiences were stuff like; “The waist band fits very few body types”, “It’s totally see-through” and “My calves are swollen up some after using it”.

In the Dressing Room:

Visiting a local sport store, I selected a vary of tights from different brands and carried them to the dressing rooms. As always, no matter what it’s very difficult finding the perfect pants to wear during workouts. The stretch, the tightness, the style, the waist band; every part of it needs to suit your body perfectly (or at least that’s my opinion). I tried Nike, Kari Traa, Frank Shorter and so on, but none of the eight I tried were absolutely fantastic. Then I put on the 2XU (long version, regular not elite) and tightened the waist band.

I was stunned by how comfortable it felt on! The compression and size did not sqeeze to hard, nor too little. It was stretchy as no other and had the perfect size and lenght for me. I (eeeh) took some squats too see if it was see-through; it wasn’t. The waist band was very adjustable, so I found that it worked on me. After wearing it for a bit, I slipped it off and put on my jeans, then headed towards the sales counter.

First try:

The very first workout I wore my brand-new 2XU, was at a running intervale and core strenght workout. Too be sure I didn’t compress my legs too hard (hey, I didn’t know how much it would become), I brought a non-compression shorts with me if such a situation occured. Then, it was off to the treadmills at my local gym.

It felt comfortable on through the whole workout. As I ran and felt my legs and whole body work hard as shit during intervales, I felt that “boost” that the tights provided my thighs as I ran one, stopped, and ran the next intervale (seriously, I’m not fooling around!). The shorts remained in my locker throughout the session.

For later intervale and cardio workouts, the tights did not decrease it’s awesomeness. It remained a blessing, and made me work hard every time (ok, there’s a lot of mental will there too, but the tights are an addition).


Next week’s legday was done half outdoors/half indoors, and due to that the temperature has rose that day, I was wearing my shorts at the time. I was sweathing a lot as I ran stairs intervales outdoors, so a tights would have been overkill when talking about the heat. Nevertheless, post-legday was the day I tried out the restitution effect on my 2XU tights.

I wore it several hours the following day, and it worked for me. I felt like I got an extra good restitution, so legday is probably the only excuse to wear a compression tights instead of jeans. When I take legday indoors, where it’s cooler, I’ll try using the compression tights there.

All in All Judgement:

  • The fit is amazing
  • It helps the blood flow, and increase your abilities while working out. Also when working out upper body, you do feel a better blood flow!
  • It gives you overall flexibility; no limits made by the tights
  • It looks good, both in design and when wearing (shapes your body some as well, like “toning” your butt and thighs, for example)
  • I think the spesical feautures and the awesome workouts you get with it, is totally worth the price!
  • I’ll give my 2XU compression tights a 6 on the dice!




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