Hike of the Year 2014, Epilogue

The diary as a what-I-did-today has come to an end in the last post, though a hike is not just a bunch of days walking around with a backpack through various terrains. It is also a bunch of days filled with experiences, new thoughts and lots of impressions. In this post, I will reflect on these aspects of a hike, using examples from the hike I’ve been blogging about during the last weeks.

When you like a place where you don’t want to live or can’t live, you might begin calling it your second home. You know, when you kind of feel like home in a place but have no intention of actually living there. As for me, I prefare calling the mountains my second home. I could never have moved there. It’s not practical nor a lot possible in the first place. Still, I feel that home-ish feeling when I stay there. People have it like that in forests, on the sea, in a swimming pool and where not. Having been travelling in the mountains all my life, I have a strong relation to it. When I start hiking in the mountains, I go like; “Dude, I know this place. Let me just do what I do best; hike.” Or another way to describe my strong relation to mountains (and thus stones, since that’s what they’re made of), as a friend of mine concluded during a conversation about my hiking; “You sound kind of high talking about all those 2000-meter peaks. You must have been smoking something, nah?” As for my response; “There’s not a lot to smoke up in the mountains, you know.” Conclution from my friend; “Stone. You’ve been smoking stone. You have enough stone up there to get high on it, for sure.” I laughed, like really. (No, I don’t touch any type of smoke, if you started to think though that)

Moving on to what in general distance mountain hiking from everyday life, we have a concrete fact to look at (in difference to the un-fact that you can smoke stone). Mountains, they have been there for a million years, and will be there for at least a million more years. Yeah, their vegetation and weather conditions change day by day, but they are still the same giants of stone as they’ve been the past million years. As for the situation in everyday life and the human communities’ conditions; they change every day. Their “core” of rules, laws and human behaviour is mostly constant, but it has not been here for millions of years. And it probably won’t be, either. I like to live in a world in constant change, and like to spend my everyday in a pulsing and changing world. Travelling to the mountains to hike together with natural million-years-constant stone “constructions” is nevertheless a great change to take from life in the constant changing world now and then. For example, you don’t have to run to reach a peak, beacuse it will still be there tomorrow. An announcement for applications to your dream job is not at all certain to be there tomorrow.

I made myself a new workout-plan for this autumn, planning while I walked, and I’m pleased with the results of it. Both the way I put together my workouts, but also how well the plan has worked these two first weeks post-hike! I’m training towards my first half-marathon, which I will run on November 1st. I have a mix of strenght and cardio training to reach my goal, and the mix between the two which I set in the plan seems to work good for me. I also took another step into the amazing fit-world by getting myself a gym membership at my local gym. I’m having so much fun there, and there are everything I need to enjoy my workouts and get my gains! Earlier, I worked out at home and some at a climbing hall, but I didn’t have the endless opportunities that I’ve gotten now that I’m a gym member. I look forward to my workouts now that I use a gym, I just got to say that I mostly feel like this pre-workout;

2014-08-22 19.45.32

Wishing you all an active autumn! Follow up for a test on compression-tights shortly!




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