Hike of the Year 2014, Part #2

Continuing from the last post, here you go with three more days from the hike I recently came back from. Still reciting from my notebook and adding photos I’ve taken. Enjoy!:


The big summit collecting day! Me, the four others in the group and our guide got up at 6AM, having planned the evening before to start an hour earlier than first set. The normal breakfast time at Fondsbu was from 7:30AM, but luckily we were able to get an earlier breakfast. Today’s destinations and goals are Stølsnostind (2074 m), Midtre Stølsnostind (2001 m) and Falketind (2068 m). The group consists of a Nepalese Sherpa who is the guide, me, a woman named Cecilie, a man named Arne and a pair of father and son.

We walked through high valleys, over glaciers, bouldered and walked a long ridge to mention some of the things we did. Quite a lot of different landscapes and altitudes! We had nice weather throughout the day, and got to all the three peaks that we planned to do. We walked for about a total of 11 hours, though the hike as a whole lasted for 12 hours and 50 minutes. That was due to some breaks, but most of all because the father was slower than the rest of the group at some points, so we had to wait some for him. It wasn’t that bad though, and I had an incredible hike and learned a lot! I learned to walk on steep glaciers using an ice axe, how to put on advanced crampons to my hiking boots, how to fasten glacier equipment to my backpack and how it was to boulder mountain sides attached to the others by rope. Also, I beated my hiking record; 11 hours beats last year’s record that was 9 hours and 45 minutes! Our guide was very nice and experienced. Without him, we at the group agreed that the hike wouldn’t have gotten as good as it did without him.



At Midtre Stølsnostind, looking towards Falketind.



“Dream Team”; here attached to each other by rope.




Looks like I’m trying to praise God or something, but really; I’m just happy I got to the peak of Falketind!

We were back at Fondsbu about 9:30PM, and kicked off the hiking boots with relief. At that point, mine was all filled up with stones, water and mud.

-Ingrid Christine


I slept in to 8AM today, which is later than normal for a hiking day. I’m, well, sore as shit. I didn’t have time for stretching last night, so after today’s hike there will certainly be a long stretch! Nevertheless, it felt OK to be walking today as well, even with a full backpack because we “moved” on to another hut. I sent dad off a while before I took off myself, knowing I’ll get in front later anyway. As I left at 9:15AM the weather became better and better, and the good weather luckily lasted throughout the day.

Today’s goal is Memurubu, a large hut that the maps says 10 hours of walking to get to from Fondsbu. Not that I relied on it taking such a long while; I’d walked the paths before, the paths are popular and clear,  as well as nice weather and dry rocks. I took a minimal amount of breaks, pausing two short food breaks and some small drinking breaks. I was right about the hike not taking the suggested 10 hours; after 8 hours and 30 minutes, including the breaks, I arrived at Memurubu.



Looking down to the lake Gjende from above.



Mountains and a beautiful waterfall at the other side of the lake Gjende. 

Dad arrived half an hour later, and we were placed in a sleeping dormitory, because the hut was very full. I showered, stretched and slept for half an hour before there was dinner. I feel a bit more energized now after some rest, a good stretch and dinner. For tomorrow, the question remains if we will have a rest day or go to the planned peak of Surtningsue (2386 m). The weather decides, really. If tomorrow holds good weather, I’ll use the day as good as I possibly can to reach the peak!

-Ingrid Christine


OK; the weather was great, and we decided to try to reach the peak of Surtningsue. Last year we tried to go to that very same peak, but had to turn around long before the peak because the wind would be unbearable up there. This year though, I made it to the top and back! Unfortunately, dad had to turn after 2 and a half hours. He will try again tomorrow, and that’s a good way to set the mind, I think. So today became his rest day.

I started to walk at 8:30AM, and walked up the lonest upward hill I’ve ever walked. About 1500 m parted in various hills towards the peak. Due to me being a bit tired after three days of 8-11 hour hikes, I must admit that my will put me down some times on the way up that gaining of altitude. During the last part of the hill, like the last 350 m or so, I spoke to some nice people who pushed me on to reach the peak. That worked, and the last 350 m was without doubt the most determined ones. As I arrived the summit, the clock being 1:11PM, there was already a couple of people there. 5 minutes later, a larger group of eight people (plus a dog) arrived. I’d met that group on my way up as well, and had spoken to them briefly. It ended up with me teaming up with them, and we walked down to the hut together. They are very nice people, used to hiking just like me and walk just as fast as I do.


Overlooking some nearby glaciers, including Memurubrean.




“Crowded” at the peak, 2386 m above sea level.



This was kind of funny; the dog accompanying the eight people I teamed up with wanted a bath, and so he did!

In total, I used 8 and a half hours on the hike, including breaks. In the evening at dinner, I got served a delicious vegetarian meal. Later, I read about some other mountains to visit later. Tomorrow will be a rest day for me, with two workouts focusing on upper body strenght, lots of reading and some photography.

-Ingrid Christine

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