Hike of the Year 2014

I did not forget you, my loved readers. Every day during the hike I’ve done over the past two weeks, I’ve written an entry in my notebook. You know, such kind of a diary suited for sharing, not just keeping it to myself and writing all sorts of lame stuff. In addition, I’ve written what I like to call an epilogue of the hike; what now, what I experienced, why hiking is awesome and so on. When reading, a map will be practical. If you have a map of Jotunheimen yourself, it’s great, or just google up something. I’m writing to you in several posts, each one containing 3 diary entries. Now, reciting from the small, red Moleskine notebook that has been carried wide and far across the mountains in the Norwegian national park Jotunheimen;


We left home at 9AM, having packed beforehand. We drove from Sandnes to Eidfjord, Hardanger, today. It was a very nice drive, much because we didn’t rush to reach our destination. We enjoyed the travel in itself and the sceneries on the way. It’s nice to travel with Dad, who also likes to enjoy the travel as a destination in itself. The most beautiful part of the sceneries we saw out the car’s windows, was driving through Hardanger. I can understand perfectly why people come to Hardanger for all over the world with their cameras. 

2014-08-04 09.54.52

In the car waiting for a ferry taking us across Boknafjorden. 

The thing we did after we arrived “Eidfjord Fjell og Fjord Hotell” (in translation “Eidfjord Mountain and Fjord Hotel”), which is indeed a nice hotel, was to go for a two-hour hike up some valley nearby. It was nice to get some “warm up” before the long days of hiking awaiting. We went back to the hotel afterwards, taking showers. I also did a 20-minute stretch, which will be my daily basis for the next two weeks. We ate dinner in the very cozy restaurant at the hotel, and as the mountain-loving pescetarian I am, I had a mountain trout with salad and potatoes. It was delicious! 

The hotel’s lounge is great; with comfortable seats, nice interiour and soft music playing from the speakers. I’m sitting in that very lounge right now, writing this. I will soon emerge outdoors in Eidfjord to take photos this nice August evening.


A photo I took out in Eidfjord.


-Ingrid Christine


I awoke at 7AM, just a minute before my alarm was going to burst out. I got dressed in workout wear, and had an upper body morning workout lasting some over an hour. A shower was taken, and breakfast at the hotel was nice. At 9AM-something we started the drive towards the hut Fondsbu in Jotunheimen. We drove over the new Hardanger bridge, through deep valleys and through the Lærdals tunnel, which has a lenght of 25 kilometers. We had a walk in Lærdal before eating lunch there. The cafès had a terrible, non-existing selection of vegetarian dishes, so we ended up at a supermarket. That’s fine enough, though. 

We drove for another one and a half hours, the landscape surrounding the car gaining altitude. At Tyinkrysset, we took off to the dirt road leading to Tyinholmen and Fondsbu. We checked in at Fondsbu and got a room, then changed into hiking wear. We went on seperate walks, me wanting some time alone to “check in” among the mountains.I ended up going to two small summits and taking some circle back to the hut. The hike lasted a good two hours, which isn’t bad if you take the fact that we arrived in the middle of the afternoon. After the hike, I showered and went into the hut lounge, which is where I sit now. Soon, I’ll have a good stretch, before dinner at 8PM. 

2014-08-05 17.12.54

At my hike, I met a guy whom I talked to some. “Since you collect 2000m-summits, you need a photo of yourself with that amazing view in the background!” he told me and snapped some photos with my camera. 

I’ve really gotten the good “mountain feeling” by now. During today’s hike, I felt yet again like a person knowing the place here, following paths and making my own ones. The mountains are my loved ones, after all.

-Ingrid Christine


We started early, having packed our day-walk equipped backpacks last night. At 8AM, after I’d had my first (and certainly not last this hike) bowl of oatmeal with seed mix and fruit. We took off towards our destination peak; Galdeberg (2075 m). At first, there were some low clouds still hanging onto some of the peaks in the area, but they luckily disappeared later on. We walked together for the first three hours, before I quickly and easily got ahead as we walked off the path in Uksdalen, and up to the enormous pile of stone that is the mountain we went to. I climbed it with determination, thinking about my two slices of bread with cheese and the bag of fresh vegetables I was going to have for lunch at the peak, my stomach rumbling some. As I arrived the top (Dad was behind somewhere), I sat down and ate my lunch in the shelter of stones marking the peak. I took a “Now I’ve been here”-selfie, and started to walk down. I met dad at my way down, and got the key to our room, because I would arrive the hut a while before him. 


View towards the lake Bygdin from the peak at Galdeberg. 

The first part of the return was basically stones, stones and a million more stones. As I reached the bottom of the stone pile and arrived a valley with a creek running through it, I met two people going up at that point. We talked for a bit, before we went our seperate ways. From here, there was somehow a path that I followed the remaining hours to the hut. I arrived the hut (Fondsbu) at 4PM, having used 8 hours on the hike, when you include the breaks I had.

Now, I have some hours to relax and do my daily stretch before dinner at 8PM. At 9PM, I’m going to a prep-meeting for the guided tour to Falketind and Stølsnostind I’m attending tomorrow. I’m looking forward to many hours of summit collecting!

-Ingrid Christine


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