“U” is for “Up in the Mountains”

In the previous post, I told you about a hike I’m going to do the next weeks, and what I bring with me for an extra nutritional diet. Today, on the other hand, it’s going to be about the whole travel and hike!

Monday morning, me and dad start the drive up to Jotunheimen. The whole while of driving will take about eight hours, so we have two-parted it because first and forward, I still can’t drive myself (I’m still 15 years old) and second because it is a nice travel up the many fjords, plateaus and valleys in western and middle Norway. We are staying at a hotel in Hardanger between the days of driving, then we approach a hut in Jotunheimen on Tuesday and will start walking for real on Wednesday. We’ll have short hikes Monday and Tuesday.
The total time if the hike is ten days. I will bring my phone, but will switch it off, taking a phone-free holiday. I will not have any Internet, and therefore I can’t blog during those ten days. Nevertheless, I will write a hike-diary every day, and use that diary when writing a HUGE post at this blog when I return to areas with Internet. I will do photographs with my digital camera. Look forward!

I’m very much looking forward to lots of hiking, cozy huts, new summits, nature’s own surroundings and a restoring travel! (Check the blog the following two days though; I will have Internet!)

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