“S” is for “Sources of Inspiration”

Without inspiration, we would not have gotten that far in life. Whether it is inspiration for a successfull career, fitness inspiration, recovery inspiration, love inspiration or any other type of inspiration, it gives us hope and determination to go on in life. Life is not easy, though inspiration can help ease our lives.

What type of inspiration we prefare can be a result of our personalities, what we want to achieve in life, our interests and our life situations. Pictures, quotes, music, books and magazines, films, people, sceneries, travel and earlier achievements are common sources of inspiration. 

“A picture is more than a thousand words”, is a quote that I find very true. I use pictures and photos a lot when searching for inspiration. A picture of a person you find successfull and that you admire tells you the reasons that you admire the person, just by looking at the picture. Other people, who don’t know who this person is or what he or she has done in life, will need these thousand words that is the person’s story. Or when you look at a beautiful sunset and you feel a flow of power run through your body, just by looking at the scenery.

When I travel, I get filled by new strenght and passion to go on in life, and work for the things I want the most. My search of inspiration during travels is one of the reasons that I enjoy travels where you gain knowledge and discover the world, rather than just going on a travel to relax.

sunset inspo

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