Summer Camp with the Green Youth of Norway

I’m currently on this summer camp together with lots of young, green people and collages.Today is my first full day at the camp, after arriving late yesterday evening. Actually, I arrived four hours later than expected. Why? The train got technical problems.

I approched the train station I was travelling from a bit early, twenty minutes before the train was going to arrive. About five minutes before the expected departue, 11.58 AM, a train staff-man’s voice sounded over the speakers “The train to Kristiansand and Oslo, with departure at 11.58 AM, is standing at Nærbø with a technical issue. We are trying to fix it, but we do not know when the train will arrive.” Sighing, I followed about twenty other people, many of them families, over to a shadowy lawn near the station hall. This was at a little station, so no big stuff to do while waiting. So I was delighted that there was shadow and that I had a book.

Messages followed; “Taxis are ordered”, “A bus will come” and the final message “The train has now left Nærbø in a new train set”. After waiting two and a half hours, the train arrived(now in the shape of a local train instead of a regional train). The twenty-something of us got in, and to my relief, the airconditioning spat out lots of chill air (28-30 degrees celsius outdoors… That’s a LOT in Norway!) and the staff didn’t bother ask for tickets. We were, nevertheless, going to have our money back for the delays. An hour-something later we arrived Kristiansand, and were transferred to buses heading different stations on the train line. I have no idea why they didn’t drive that local train on. It was ok and comfy, anyway. 

Four and a half hour took the bus ride, double the time as it would have taken with train. When we, four Western-Norwegians, arrived Drammen at last, we’d called someone from the camp to come pick us up. No more waiting on the train (an hour to next one departed…) for us, we’d go for a ride. An hour later we arrived the camp, further into Norway. I am surprised of the good standards here, because other arraignments I’ve been on this part of Norway, there hasn’t been possiblities to go out for walks and jogs because of my fear of moose and other animals. I love animals and am pescetarian, I’m just über-frightend that they’re going to attack me. Here, on the other hand, we’re in some small town with houses and sidewalks; an open landscape perfect for morning jogs.

And so we did. This morning, me and my friend Astrid, who’s also into these morning workouts, went on an hour of jogging before 9 AM, when breakfast started. Why? Well, there was time to do that and it wasn’t a killing heat this early. And the feeling you get throughout the day is just amazing! You feel more awake and more energetic the whole day. 

After breakfast, the camp got a visit from this guy from a biological-interests organization (SABIME) who had a very interesting course for us. Learned a lot! Now, at 2 PM and after lunch, I am supposed to be inside the conference hall listening to a debate, but I headed out because the room got so warm I couldn’t stay there. So right now I’m sitting in the lounge and writing this. And I will indeed talk to the staff and see if they can get us some fans or something for the conference hall. I’ll be back with more later!

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