My Hobby? Fitness!

As long as I can possibly remember of my life, I’ve always liked to be active. When I was little, I played a lot outside. Climbing in trees, scooting, walking about and such things. Now, as a teenager, I’m most totally in love with fitness and a healhy lifestyle. I first tried out a sport (like a real one) in fifth grade, and I stuck to it throughout seventh grade. Those three years with chuckfield has taught me a lot, which I use a lot today. I guess that made the base for my huge interest in working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I’ve earned wisdom and knowledge like this:

  • Results will only come if you work hard. At chuckfield, I worked really hard on running fast, which I kind of suck at. I didn’t get as fast as most of the others, but I improved a whole lot. Now, I know that when l want to achieve the best lifestyle ever and maybe acheive a secondary goal as well, it doesn’t come by itself. I have to be motivatied and determined to get there.
  • 2014-03-18 21.06.38
  • No pain no gain. That’s one of the most true things ever. When I did chuckfield, I worked very hard during intervales to get better in the sport. Intervales are, after my opinion, one of the most shitty things to do when they’re going on, but afterwards you get an extreme endorphine kick worth all that struggle. I still use intervales in my workouts often.

2014-07-15 23.31.10

  • The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do. We all have bad workouts, but these words are smart to keep in mind; even if you didn’t run as far as you thought you would, or if you didn’t use heavy enough weights to build more muscle; you are still beating the ones who remained in their sofas! You’re doing better than them. Really. Of course, we rarely feel satisfied with doing a “bad workout”, whatever that means to us, but just think that the bad workout isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happend. You could have remained in that sofa of yours with a bowl of chips in your hand when you were originally going to the gym that day.

2014-04-22 22.49.29

When people ask me why I work out and eat healhy, the answer is “It makes me happy, I feel good about it, I want a healthy and lean body and I like the challenges that it gives me.” I don’t do it because I feel forced to it, I love doing it because it’s my choice of lifestyle. Setting goals and make plans is something I’m really into, in fitness and in other things such as studying, travel and work.

2014-04-22 20.26.38

Here are a collection of some of my favorite fitness motivation (and fitness-funnies!) pictures. Use them as your motivation, too!

2014-03-15 21.50.13

2014-03-16 09.12.52

2014-03-21 22.24.45 2014-03-22 09.41.15 2014-03-23 14.28.26 2014-03-23 14.28.41 2014-03-23 14.28.52 2014-04-22 07.50.49 2014-04-27 18.31.10 2014-04-27 18.31.23 2014-05-22 14.58.01 2014-05-27 23.23.19 2014-05-30 13.29.55 2014-07-14 17.29.22 2014-03-16 09.12.15


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