Me and my Asics

Running. Feet taking endless steps. Sweat slowly floating down your back. Keeping feet in the right tecnique. Just run.

just run

Over the past months, I’ve realized that strenght workouts seem more tempting to do than cardio. And because I’ve focused on strenght for core, arms and legs, I have spend more time on that than on cardio. When it comes to running, I’ve moved the focus from flat terrain where I can run fast intervales, to stairs where I can run long and slower intervales. And I’ve strenghten my legs by doing all that stairs running. Today though, I thought about it. Let’s run on that flat trail close by, I thought. And as in that fitfam quote “She believed she could, so she did.”

As in every workout, the hardest part was walking out the front door. Literally, even the second last one-minute-intervale was easier than facing the front door. Which was probably why I fooled myself by slipping out the terrace door and walking across the garden instead. I walked down the hill to the flat trail, and started a ten minute warm-up jog. The intervales I did afterwards was this type;

  • 1 minute fast running
  • 2 minutes slow jog
  • Repeat 10 times (30 minutes in all). Important; do not stop the watch, keep going. Keep the two minute jogs slow enough so you can catch your breath before the next fast minute.
  • Run the one minutes in a pace you can keep though all ten.

How it went? Very good. I gave it all, and was quite exhausted when I ran into “finish” after the last three minutes. Then, I jogged about ten minutes back to the hill, and during that jog I got the thought to write this post. That’s what I do when jogging; I get all kinds of ideas about everything. 

Yeah, the interval training. The feelings are like this; absolutely, fully awful when it’s going on, but the feeling when you cross the finish minute, it’s priceless. When I was done today, I grinned broadly and was instantly filled with more energy. If I had someone I knew standing at the finish, I’d hug the person like one of those huge, überfluffy teddy bears you get when you get top score at a game in Disneyland. I’m absoultely recommending intensive intervale running both for myself and for you.

runner ppl

I returned home, power walking my hill, and well, it’s leg day so I squatted at home. The feels tomorrow is totally worth it. And well, the muscles as well. You know the deal. So I did this one time:

  • 50 pliè squats
  • 50 jumping squats
  • 50 hindu squats
  • 50 sumo squats
  • 50 split squats
  • 50 one leg squats

shut up and squat

I’m definetely doing lots of intervale running and squatting this summer! #legday


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