Debate Debut

Today, two of my debate articles was posted in two Norwegian Newspapers, Stavanger Aftenblad (Western-Norway regional) and Aftenposten (Norway national). I sent them in earlier this week, and I’m pleased with the fact that they both got through. I’ve sent in a couple of articles before, but they’ve never made it to the pages. Well, guess I’ve become a better writer since then.

I woke up as usual today, ate breakfast out in the beautiful weather, and as I went inside to get some more tea, I noticed that Friday’s Stavanger Aftenblad lay at the coffee table in our living room; someone had already gotten it from the mailbox. I casually sat down, and had completely forgotten that I sent something in a couple days ago, and skimmed through it. As I got to the debate pages, I read several headlines, and suddenly I saw my name displayed under one of the articles. Wow, that went fast, I thought and put a snap on MyStory and a status on Facebook. Responses rolled in, and I went out in the sun to read a book with a good conscience.

Later, as I finished a yoga session and checked my Facebook, I had a message from a collegue in Young Greens of Norway, saying; “Hey, you’ve gotten the main debate article in today’s Aftenposten!” Wow. Did it agian, I thought, suddenly remembering I sent something to that paper as well. Since this was the first day I got something published in a newspaper (like, that I have written), I’d say I’ve had a “double debut” today. 

The articles are in Norwegian, but you’re free to have a look. This link is to my article in Aftenposten. Summary; You can be environmentally conscious and trendy at the same time. Focusing on fashion, electronics and how people think of “Green people”.

Since the one in Stavanger Aftenblad is only published in the paper edition, I’ve gotten a photo of it. It’s an answers article to another article published earlier this week, and it’s mainly about that public transport and muscular power (walking, biking etc.) is clue instead of more roads and more cars.

2014-07-11 14.09.35


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