“Q” is for “Quick”

When I see the word “quick”, several things shoot through my mind. First and forward, I think about doing things quickly. I’m into multitasking, and when I’m really busy I try to combine errands and events, and doing several things at the same time. It’s like, if I have one hour to do a bunch of things, I have to fit them into that hour. I can’t just let them slip out of my hands and don’t do them. So such hours often results in me bussing to town to run errands, and sitting answering messages and reading e-mail at the bus. Then, literally power walking to get around town to reach various places, and then grabbing some food and get on the train to get to a meeting or such. This example could have been an afternoon after school and working out, and getting ready for something at 7PM. The deal is; sometimes you have to make time, not find time…

multistasking man

Second, I think about running. I’ve never been a sprinter, and I probably won’t be either. For me, it’s the longer the better. And preferably in terrain. My legs just don’t move fast enough to get me a good result on 100 metres, even though I’ve got strong legs and do strenght, cardio and stairs training with focus on legs. When it comes to mile-long terrain runs, on the other hand, I do much better. I’m a hiker from the heart, and I’ve hiked for as long as I’ve walked, so I do that part with the terrain well. I also like to run far, because I’m more fit for far runs than explosive runs. When I was doing chuckfield earlier, we did practice all kinds of exercises and distances. I didn’t get good at running explosive even though I tried very hard. 

run qick

Third, I think about taking “a quick workout”. I’m into travelling and conferences, and sometimes you don’t have much possiblilty to exercise. But if I don’t exercise at all during a day, it doesn’t get me in a good mood, to put it that way. I get happy when I exercise. So whenever travelling or at conferences, I fit in some exercise at stops and in breaks. I take a short walk, run some or stretch. Things that can be done quickly, with no equipment and that can be done in public areas. At conferences over weekends, I’m that person who run in the morning and encourage people to walk with me in the breaks.

Walk Sign on Pedestrian Signal





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